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Workout Playlists
November 20, 2023
The holiday season, with carb-and-booze-heavy celebrations, is the perfect time to update your workout playlist and keep that waist-size under control.
Healthy Holiday Eating: 8 Essential Tips for Festive Celebrations
November 19, 2023
Whether the party’s with friends, family, or co-workers use these tips to survive this year’s holiday party with your diet and sanity intact.
starting a school club
August 28, 2023
Starting and sustaining a school club is hard work, but it’s worth it. It teaches children leadership, flexibility, and organization, and provides a unique
15 Things College Bound Women Should Have
August 11, 2023
Knowing what to bring for college can be challenging, especially for college bound women, so this list is here to help.
best smartphones
June 22, 2023
This list includes the 15 best smartphones on the market for students based on things like battery life, special features, and functionality.
Vermont family vacation
June 9, 2023
A Vermont family vacation can take place in all four seasons thanks to local inns, lakes, and ski mountains along with other fun daily activities.
Which Paint Color Best Suits Your Bathroom?
February 19, 2023
You can get away with a bit more in the bathroom, so let’s find out which paint color best suits your bathroom before you start up the project.
Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Her 2023
January 29, 2023
As February approaches, that means one thing to most people around the world: Valentine’s Day is coming up. Gifts for
10 best moving tips for families
January 24, 2023
We’ve rounded up 10 moving tips for families, so that you are confident going into your upcoming move and do not waste your time or money.
6 Tips to Make Your New Year's Resolution Stick
December 28, 2022
New Year’s is almost here and we all know what that means… New Year’s resolutions that are hastily made and often times abandoned.
December 8, 2022
When first starting out doing a regular exercise routine, you need to remember safety first. These top 5 tips will help you avoid such mistakes.
November 11, 2022
Our nation is so diverse and beautiful! One of the best ways to experience it and bond with your kids is by taking a family road trip.
Italian Cuisine
September 13, 2022
In a 2019 poll, people in the United States voted Italian cuisine as their favorite international cuisine. Find out why it’s loved and much more.
best vacation movies
April 25, 2022
From classics like National Lampoons to Home Alone. We’ve got the best vacation movies of all-time and where to stream them right now!
April 14, 2022
Getting away from it all is a perfect time to try out new adventures by staying physically active. Here are some ideas to having a healthy vacation.
10 Top Gadgets for Dad
April 10, 2022
The top gadgets for dad come in all shapes and sizes. From tech-savvy goodies to gifts of convenience or handyman tools. Find out more now.
lose 10 pounds
January 27, 2022
If you are looking to lose 10 pounds, you may not have have to hire a personal trainer, or read self-help books. You need a …
rainy day movies
January 19, 2022
Trapped indoors from the rain with your brood, here are six family friendly rainy day movies worth watching and enjoying together.
luckiest movies
January 16, 2022
Take comfort in this list of lucky movies with characters that seem to have all the luck and accomplish so much within their running time.
eating well
November 16, 2021
You may believe that eating healthy, nutritious foods is impossible on a tight budget. In actuality, eating well while maintaining a budget is…