Which Paint Color Best Suits Me?

Which Paint Color Best Suits Me? 1

(In case you were thinking of painting your bathroom.)

Bathrooms are fun because they are more of a “no judgement passed” zone. You can get away with more in there. You can thoroughly enjoy monkeys or super heroes and get away with decorating in accordance. Things that would not fly in the living room may be acceptable in a bathroom. I’m not telling you to go ahead and put up Batman wallpaper, but I am saying that it is acceptable to veer away from neutrals when it comes to paint color choices.

Let’s dump color wheels and pallets and be bold. Let’s figure out how to choose a color based on YOU and personalize that bathroom!

Soft Orange and Yellow

 The sun and fire are hues of warm and bright oranges and yellows, symbolizing cheer and vividness. An extrovert possesses a captivating, wholehearted personality with a spark of nurture and companionship. Bright tones such as variations of oranges and yellows symbolize spring, a period of warmth.

Spring brings on a period of rebirth and renewal. Perhaps you are tagging along with the “out with the old, in with the new” philosophy and setting out on a new journey of a new house, new relationship, new job or new outlook on life. Maybe you need that fresh beginning and a bright splash of positivity. Opting for a bright shade of a fiery hue will bring you that sense of warmth with a motivating spark.

Pale Blue and Green

The sky and grass incorporate cool, nurturing tones. These shades give off a sense of clarity, serenity and peace. With a more scaled-back intensity, these color variations are less intense and follow along with a more introverted sense of well-being.

Maybe you require some calm and quiet after a hectic time in your life. Possibly you find yourself constantly on edge and anxiety-ridden and these tones help you to feel more at peace with your current life. Incorporating pale blues and greens in your bathroom is therapeutic and is sure to provide you with a soothing touch each time you set foot into the room.

Deep Purple, Reds and Greens

Deep tones of purple, red and green inspire the creativity of those who seek glamour. These tones go hand in hand with tones of precious gems: ruby, emerald, and amethyst. These colors are bold in the sense of social confidence. They inspire confidence and promote a bold sense of belonging and stimulation with a touch of glamour. For those that want to stand out, these choices are your best bet.

Bright Red

Bright red is a stimulating and exciting color and is even said to raise blood pressure. For those who want to invoke excitement and make a statement, bright red will get your blood flowing (no pun intended). This tone simulates a stand-out personality and it is also said too look pretty cool at night!

Pale Pinks and Purples

Light hues of pinks and purples are more feminine, but are soft and quiet. If you are quiet and soft-spoken, opting for a soft tone of pink and purple will nicely compliment your demeanor. These colors are linked to feelings of romance and tenderness and can promote love. Don’t fear coming off as a hopeless romantic because purple is also the color of royalty and pink is a decedent from the powerful color of red. Both are fantastic options for a tender tone.

The color you choose for your bathroom can wind up being something that has more meaning behind it than just a pretty color. It can reflect where you are in life, your personality and can inspire and invoke different feelings of happiness, tranquility or excitement. First, think about which color you like and speaks to you, then take some time to think about the emotion you would like your bathroom to radiate. Next stop, the home improvement store!