Top 10 Highest Paid Actresses In The World

If you want to know who is the highest paid actress in the world, look no further:

From stars of the big screen, to long-running TV shows, and empire-builders, this list covers all. Some of this top-10 list might even surprise you (it surprised us).

10. Ellen Pompeo – $22 million

For its undisputed star, Ellen Pompeo (born in 1969), 17 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy really is the gift that keeps on giving. Pompeo earns about $575,000 per episode to act and produce this ABC hit show.

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9. Charlize Theron – $23 million

One of the most versatile actresses of her generation. Charlize Theron, born in 1975, has been the face of perfume campaigns, outspoken about gender issues, and starred in countless movies. Including George Miller’s Mad Max Fury Road, where she wowed as an action superstar.

8. Margot Robbie – $23.5 million

Margot Robbie (born in 1990) might be best known for her iconic super-villain role as Harley Queen. Yet, she has demonstrated her talent for acting, from The Wolf of Wall Street to I, Tonya. Yet, it will be Robbie’s LuckyChap production company that’ll drive her to the top of this highest-paid actresses list in the future.

7. Elisabeth Moss – $24 million

One of the most talented actresses of her generation, Elizabeth Moss, born in 1982, has shown her superb acting skills both on the small and big screen. She was the main female character in Mad Men, one of the most important television series of the last twenty years. She is also the executive producer and the lead actress of The Handmaid’s Tale – which is epic television.

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6. Kaley Cuoco – $25 million

If you don’t know The Big Bang Theory, you may not know who Kaley Cuoco is. Born in 1985, she starred in one of the highest-rated comedy sitcoms to date. Cuoco was one of the highest-paid cast on television, earning $900,000 per episode of The Big Bang Theory. Cuoco’s movie career is yet to reach such heights.

5. Jennifer Aniston – $28 million

Jennifer Aniston, born in 1969, is the only member of the Friends cast who has seen major success since the end of that show’s era. From questionable comedies to critically acclaimed TV shows such as The Morning Show by Apple TV+, Aniston continues to show her acting talent. However, for many, she will always be Rachel from Friends.

4. Nicole Kidman – $34 million

Everyone knows who Nicole Kidman is. Born in 1967, Kidman has starred in many high-level movies. From the musical Moulin Rouge to the arthouse cinema of The Killing of a Sacred Deer, this actress has shown a truly remarkable versatility – yet our favorite is the horror classic The Others.

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3. Reese Witherspoon – $35 million

Reese Witherspoon seems to have been around forever. Born in 1976, Witherspoon starred in classics including Election, the hit Legally Blonde. The actress continues to evolve, turning her hand to TV and producing. She has recently starred in hits like The Morning Show and Big Little Lies – both of which she was also the Executive Producer. Some people really can do it all.

2. Sofia Vergara – $44,1 million

You may not know Sofia Vergara, but you’ll know Modern Family. Vergara was born in 1972, and she plays one of the main characters on the show. In addition to her movie and television career, this actress has built several lucrative business ventures. Including Sofia Jeans and a furniture line at Rooms To Go.

1. Scarlett Johansson – $56 milion

You wanted to know who is the highest-paid actress in the world is – and now you know. It is Scarlett Johansson, born in 1984. Most will know her as the deadly assassin from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (The Avengers), Black Widow.

However, that doesn’t do this versatile actress justice. From Lost in Translation to Jojo Rabbit and Marriage Story – Johansson is one of the best and most iconic stars in the world.

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