10 Top Gadgets for Dad

10 Top Gadgets for Dad 1

Dads come in all shapes and sizes. The Handyman that will fix anything and hassles you for calling AAA. The Workaholic that you never seemed to understand until you had kids of your own. The Buddy that just wants to be your friend until you realize he is like an Xbox Live player living with you.

Your relationship with your dad changes as you grow but he is always your dad, whether he is your best friend or was always a stranger. Get him a coffee mug, he deserves that much at least. Contigo is the best.

Lenovo ThinkPad T460, $365

10 Top Gadgets for Dad 3

Lenovo’s Thinkpad is the perfect computer for Dad’s on the go. This Windows device has everything you could want in a travel laptop. Namely seemingly unending battery life. The specs don’t meet gaming standards but it will run Chome, Gmail, and Netflix. As well as Google Hangouts for those business trips when you need to talk to Dad.

The Thinkpad line is rugged as always, with drop and spill protection. But what we love about the Thinkpad is the keyboard, the simplicity, and the speed.

Philips Norelco OneBlade, $50

10 Top Gadgets for Dad 4

Don’t let your dad use the disposable pink daisies to shave with. He needs a real shaver to look sharp. The OneBlade gives what is perhaps the best shave from an electric shave currently available.

The OneBlade contours with your face and protects sensitive skin. It features a stubble guard and inexpensive blades that last up to 4 months. Don’t let your dad be mistaken for bigfoot in the locker room, grab him a Philip Norelco One Blade. 

Mission Belt, $40

10 Top Gadgets for Dad 5

Don’t let dad suffer from plumber’s crack. The Mission Ratcheting Belt always gives the perfect fit to keep your pants up while being rugged and stylish. The ingenious ratcheting belt system clicks into place snuggly and securely with its quarter-inch teeth and it holds.

The belts and buckles are interchangeable and the leather quality is top-notch. Say no to plumbers crack.

Ratcheting Wrenches, $40

10 Top Gadgets for Dad 6

If Hoarders taught me anything you can never have too many tools. The perfect wrench changes a job from I’ll do it next weekend to its already done. The perfect wrench is a ratcheting one. It turns those jobs with no space to swing a wrench from impossible into a simple teaching exercise with their sons and daughters.

Crescent has long been a quality tool maker and their ratcheting wrenches are some of the best. We the ratchet on the open end of the wrench it makes it easier to get on the nuts and turn while the box end is solid for when you need power. Truly a well-designed tool.

Nest Smart Thermostat, $219

10 Top Gadgets for Dad 7

I remember thinking my dad had an alarm in his head go off when we touched the Thermostat. The Nest Smart Thermostat moves it to his smartphone. Nest has really surprised us with its app quality and connectivity.

The Nest Thermostat can also save a bundle on your next heating and cooling bills. Schedule your temperature controls or adjust them on the fly with a smartphone. Being comfortable and saving money sounds like a dad to me.

Super NES Classic, $150

10 Top Gadgets for Dad 8

I remember the first console I got on my twelfth birthday. Super Nintendo, it was beautiful. My dad and uncles stayed up with me playing Super Mario till late at night. I always get depressed when I think about how much my dad must have worked for that console, and a bit happy when I remember that he already had a Mario saved when I opened the package.

The Super NES Classic lets you and your dad relive those moments with 21 preloaded games, two controllers, and great new features like the Save anywhere and Rewind for when you can’t quite beat Super Punch-Out. Relive the memories with this great console.

Coleman Steel Belted Cooler, $105

10 Top Gadgets for Dad 9

Spending a ton on a Yeti cooler seems crazy when you just want to keep some beers cold in the boat or at the tailgate. Since most of us have memories of the Colemen Steel Belted Cooler we think it might be time for the old girl to have an update.

It doesn’t keep your drinks cold for 10 days like a rotomolded cooler like a Yeti or an Ocra, but it is built like a tank, keeps your drinks cold, and looks amazing. The best part is it is a third the cost of the Yeti and Orca. Why spend more when you only need it to last through the football game.

EasyAcc Wireless Charging Station, $35.99

10 Top Gadgets for Dad 10

Wallet, Cellphone, Keys. Cellphone, Keys, Wallet. Keys, Wallet, Cellphone. We all do the triple tap, even dads. Why not get him two best gifts, a wireless charger, and a bedtable organizer. 

The Easy Acc Desk Organizer stops dad from looking everywhere for his phone, pens, glasses, and wallet. Great to relieve stress at the office or at home. Not so great when you need to borrow the car at midnight.

That’s our ten best gadget list for dads. Did you know we spend 30% less on Father’s Dad than Mother’s day? Dad usually has to take care of themselves and settle for a tie. Do him a favor and grab an item or two from our list of gadgets. Just be careful… Mom gets jealous. 

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315X, $1999.99

10 Top Gadgets for Dad 11

Wanting a perfect lawn is a sign you have reached your dad years, but why spend time mowing when you could be out with the kids, hanging with your wife or playing fantasy football.

The Husqvarna Automower is a revolution, think Roomba for your lawn. It charges and goes cutting your lawn safely and without all the hassle of a push or riding mower. Husqvarna created a beast, give it a quick youtube search to see some of the impressively long lawns this thing can cut. While it is cheaper than a riding lawn mower is it safer thanks to not needing to hurry. It cuts a small area leaving your lawn looking amazing. With the Automower your lawn is always looking fantastic while you get on with life.

Moleskine Smart Writing Set, $20

10 Top Gadgets for Dad 12

Everything is switching to digital and there is something off about it. You just don’t have the same feel telling Google to add a reminder as writing it on a sticky note and slapping it onto your steering wheel.

Don’t worry it isn’t just you. Studies have shown that the act of physically writing down information helps you retain it. But who has the time to handwrite then retype it onto a computer. Now you do. The Moleskine Smart Writing System allows you to journal, write out notes, or even add reminders and allow you to transfer it directly to your computer or smartphone.

This is great for anyone but my dad hates typing. So he just writes it out in the Moleskine Smart notebooks and transfers it. Their transcribing software is amazing. Using the Datebook puts appointments right onto the Google calendar, add reminders, draw pictures, anything you want to do with very few steps from paper to computer.