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According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, teenagers should target at least 60 minutes to exercises each day
10 of the Healthiest Energy Drinks in 2024
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For several people, caffeine is one of the only ways they can manage to get through their day. Whether that’s
Workout Playlists
The holiday season, with carb-and-booze-heavy celebrations, is the perfect time to update your workout playlist and keep that waist-size under control.
Stress Tracking
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What is stress tracking and how do new devices help you monitor stress levels? We ask an expert to explain. find out more now.
Amazon Deals: Top Rated Exercise Equipment, Get Fit On A Budget
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If you’re after Prime Day deals on exercise equipment you’ve come to the right place. New deals added as they become available.
Free Workout Apps
Get that needed extra encouragement to keep you on track with your fitness goals with these top free workout Apps. Find out more now.
How To Get Toned Arms?
From push-ups to spiderwoman push-ups, follow this video and guide to get fantastic toned arms. Find out more now.
Yoga for Beginners
This guide provides decriptions of and distinctions between five types of yoga for beginners so you can find the perfect yoga practice.
beach run
Don’t let fitness get away from you while on vacation. These 15-minute travel workouts can improve mood, energy, and sleep patterns.
5 Top Deals On Hiking Gadgets Perfect For Your Next Adventure
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If you’re after top deals on hiking gadgets you’ve come to the right place. With new deals added each week. Bookmark this page now.
rowing machine
If you’re bored with your current workout routine and the thought of another bicep curl is enough to put you
bosu ball
BOSU stands for “BOth Sides Up” or BOth Sides Utilized.” The BOSU ball looks like half an exercise ball mounted on a rigid plastic base – but it works.
office fitness
One of the worst things for your overall health and office fitness is prolonged sitting. Weight gain, increases in heart disease, poor posture, all can…
tricep exercises
No fluff, no-nonsense. Just a super-simple step-by-step guide to tricep exercises. Including triangle push-ups, a shoulder press, and many more.
workouts for moms
Do you struggle trying to find time and workouts as a mom? Its super hard to find time and motivation
cardio kickboxing
Why not consider kicking your way to better health and a better body in no time with cardio kickboxing? For anyone who finds it appealing to “take a swing”…
5 Nutrition Tips for Athletic Women Who Work Out
Nutrition is an important piece of being athletic. Athletic does not only apply to women who are playing sports or
Arms Workout Video
Arms workout consisting of dumbbell bicep curls, tricep rope pulldowns and cable rope hammer curls. This sequence will hurt the
Plank Exercise
Planks are a great exercise to strengthen the core and help reduce lower back pain. It should be in everyone’s
Foam Rolling
Foam rolling is an excellent way to warm up or cool down during you workout. It will help your range