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beautiful beaches
From Siesta Key Beach to Sea Girt, these USA beaches have qualities that make them a must-visit destination this summer. Find out more now.
10 Must-See Landmarks in the United States and Their Remarkable Histories
From Alcatraz Island to Mount Rushmore, the United States has countless must-see landmarks with fascinating histories. Find out more now.
American Road Trips
There’s not quite like the allure of a a classic American road trip. From Route 66 to The Pacific Coast Highway, these journeys are epic.
Exploring Westchester: Historical Charms and Mysterious Legends
Westchester holds a treasure trove of captivating history and urban legends. Join us as we explore some of the tales that make this county unique.
Oslo, Norway
Oslo is full of activities for every interest, from museums to amazing sightseeing. Maximize your visit to Norway’s capital with Family Proof.
Safe International Cities For Solo Females
Some of us have an itch to travel the world, but have to make sure we are safe. Check out our top twenty safe international cities for solo females. 
Magic Kingdom
Experience the magic of Walt Disney World without the overwhelming crowds by discovering these lesser-known character meet and greet locations.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
On a 60-mile long strip of sand, Myrtle Beach thrives on the water. Check out our travel guide for the best attractions on this East Coast State.
traveling solo
Traveling solo is a big step from family vacations. Check out our list of fears and the ways to overcome or reconsider so you can see the world. 
Pigeon Forge Tennessee
Nestled in the mountains, Pigeon Forge (PF) is a must-see city in the eastern part of Tennessee. Not only for
Zion National Park
If you’ve ever been to a National Park before, it often feels like you jumped into the pages of a
Bergen, Norway
Make sure you have a sturdy, reliable raincoat before exploring the coastal city of Bergen. Surrounded by mountains and fjords
Explore the Vibrant Shores: Your Guide to Virginia Beach's Charms
Located on the southeastern coast of the state, Virginia Beach is situated where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean.
From Historical Sites to Theme Parks: Your Ultimate Guide to Williamsburg
Once the capital of the Virginia colony from 1699 to 1780, now Williamsburg forms the “Historic Triangle” with Jamestown and
Exploring Toronto: Discovering Hidden Gems and Popular Spots
The capital of the province of Ontario, Toronto is a major city with soaring skyscrapers and the iconic CN Tower.
Exploring Women Travel Groups: Pros and Cons
Sometimes you just want to go traveling, but you have no one to go with and you want to be
Known as “The Port City of Central New York,” Oswego is thirty minutes from Syracuse. Check out all the activities you can do in this lakeside city.
Pittsburgh's Charm: Exploring the Rich Heritage and Contemporary Flair of the Steel City.
Located at the junction of three rivers, Pittsburgh is a blend between the Gilded Age and modern times. Check out our travel guide to the “Steel City.”
Explore Wildwood’s sandy beaches and boardwalk. Visit fantastic eateries, thrill rides, and its waterpark. Find out more about Wildwood, NJ now.
One of the most important things while vacationing is where to stay. This is why hotels vs hostels can be a headache. Find out which is best for you.