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Be it a spring break getaway or a summer road trip, it’s always fun to go somewhere new, try something

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Be it a spring break getaway or a summer road trip, it’s always fun to go somewhere new, try something different, and just relax from the mundane grind of the average. And what better way to get ready for your plans of a vacation than movies which feature vacations that are either charming trips from the normal or a chaotic adventure of misplaced luggage and unexpected twists. Here are ten vacation movies to sparks some excitement about taking some time off.

City Slickers

best vacation movies

Daniel Stern, Bruno Kirby, and Billy Crystal play three best friends that take a vacation from their wives. Trying to get out of the funk of a mid-life crisis, they decide to take a trip to the Southwest to have a manly experience of a cattle drive. But even with the watchful eye of Jack Palance playing a seasoned cowboy, the trio will still find themselves in danger as they’re unprepared for the journey of traversing the west with little experience.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

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Four teenage friends of Maryland have spent nearly every summer together but fear those days of sisterhood may be coming to an end as they go their separate ways. Through a pair of jeans, however, they stay connected on their own vacations that find the girls venturing to Mexico and Greece. A wonderfully sweet little film to remind young girls growing up that just because you’re on vacation and away from your friends doesn’t mean you’re still not connected with them. That’s easier to say in the era of social media but its a message that still holds true.

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Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

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Sure, parents seem to have vacations from their kids but what if the kid needs a vacation from the family? That’s exactly what Kevin receives in Home Alone 2, where he takes the wrong flight and finds himself in New York City with his dad’s credit card. Making the most of a bad situation, Kevin grabs a hotel room, orders up room services, and takes in the many delights of the city, from the giant Christmas tree to the wondrous toy store. He even takes in a concert with the kindly pigeon lady of Central Park. Not a bad vacation, even if he must also best the returning robbers of Harry and Marv.

Hotel Transylvania

Even monsters need to have a vacation once in a while. Thankfully, Count Dracula built a castle to act as a hotel escape suitable for every monster imaginable, from tiny bugs to creatures so tall you can only see their feet. All are welcome in this animated farce that finds the vampire Dracula dealing with his daughter Mavis becoming a real woman and trying to combat issues with the misconceptions humans have about monsters.

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Letters to Juliet

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Amanda Seyfried plays a woman visiting Italy and finding the wall where the Shakespeare character of Juliet can be left notes of heartbreak. At the wall, she discovers a letter from 1957 left behind by a now-elderly author. The letter is enough to make Seyfried want to seek out the authors lost love and bring love back into one old lady’s heart, with some help from the woman’s grandson. Just because you’re on vacation in one of the most beautiful of European cities doesn’t mean you can’t spread some love to others in this inspiring romantic comedy.

The Parent Trap

best vacation movies

Sometimes you can find the most amazing things and people while on a trip. And for two girls, they discover that they are identical twins who were separated by divorce. Intrigued, they concoct a plan to get their parents back together through switching places after attending summer camp together. But they’ll have to act fast there are already new suitors that could destroy their plans in one of the most charming of adventures.

What About Bob?

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Richard Dreyfuss plays a psychiatrist hoping to finally take a relaxing vacation with his family. What he didn’t count on was that his crazed patient, played by Bill Murray, would be joining him on his trip to a country home. And it isn’t long before Murray works his charismatic magic on the family, turning Dreyfuss into a frustrated mess of a man who drops his professional demeanor. A strange but ultimately hilarious vacation film for the quirky duo of Dreyfuss and Murray.

Joe Versus the Volcano

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While some may go on vacation to enjoy life, Joe (Tom Hanks) seems to be trying to end his. In this odd little comedy, a dying Joe decides he wants to take a plunge into a volcano by going on the strangest of trips. While on this trip, Joe discovers a little more about life and love when guided by two sisters. It’s a sweetly silly trip considering its rather grim premise.

Roman Holiday

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Considered one of the most romantic of getaway films, Roman Holidays features the perfect pairing of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. Hepburn plays a touring princess that finds herself exhausted from her European tour and needs to get away for a bit. Peck plays American reporter Joe who not only helps out when she falls asleep in public but also gets the exclusive story on the princess while also falling love. Quite the holiday.

A Very Brady Sequel

The Brady Bunch take their oddly out-of-place 1970s family values out of their modern suburban neighborhood and onto the Hawaiian islands. They’re on this trip to seek a stolen family possession but, let’s be honest, it’s mostly an excuse to take the silly and dated Brady Bunch mannerisms to a new setting. And it’s a lot of fun watching the Bradys get into all sorts of wild antics on this trip across the ocean, complete with Gary Cole delivering a spot-on performance as the husband and father, Mike Brady.

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