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Rainy Day Movies
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Whether you’re looking for a way to enjoy a rainy day indoors or simply seeking a cozy family night, some
Shows Teenagers Stream in Secret
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We all think “my teenager doesn’t stream that,” but don’t be fooled by their account profiles — your teenager is
10 Action Movies For Kids That Are Fantastic Family Watches
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Movies for kids can be dull, boring, idiotic, and worst still, packed with catchy songs that you end up singing
10 Romantic Movies That Are Perfect For Date Night
Looking to set the mood for your date night? There are so many fantastic romantic movies that picking one can
Top 10 Movie Characters Who Hit the Luck Jackpot (And Where to Stream Their Adventures)
From Captain Kirk to Rey in Star Wars, these are the top lucky movie characters who defy all odds to save the day. Find out more now.
Top 10 Netflix Shows For Teens
Endlessly scrolling through Netflix, teenagers often seek shows that not only entertain but also connect with their own experiences. This
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In 2022, Hollywood’s highest paid actress was Margot Robbie. Curious who else is one of the highest paid actresses? Our
PG-13 Horror Movies
If your kids are 13 or older, they’ll want to watch scary flicks. So treat them to one of these fantastic PG-13 horror movies at your next family night in.
romantic and sexiest movies on netflix
Need a night in? Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy some of the most romantic and sexiest movies on Netflix.
Best Fishing Shows
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If you love fishing but can’t make it out as much these days, these are the best fishing shows you can stream right now to get that fishing fix.
Best Romance Movies
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These are the best romance movies on HBO Max that you should snuggle up on your couch and watch. Including classics and pop culture favorites.
Best Breakdance Movies
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From the classics to the modern era. these are the best breakdance movies you can stream right now, including Footloose and Beat Street.
Time Travel Movies
If you’re after the best time travel movies, and where to watch them, this list is for you. Including Back to the Future, Time Bandits, and many more.
10 Romantic Movies That Are Perfect For Date Night
While there are certainly lots of choices out there for you to watch, here is our list of the top 10 romantic movies for your next date night in.
Top Amitabh Bachchan Movies
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Amitabh Bachchan is a symbol of Bollywood, an Indian film actor, producer, and television host. Find out where to stream his top movies now!
best vacation movies
From classics like National Lampoons to Home Alone. We’ve got the best vacation movies of all-time and where to stream them right now!
spring movies
Top 10 Spring Movies, including classics like A League of Their Own, Fantasia, Seven Brids for Seven Brothers, and many more.
Shah Rukh Khan Movies
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Check out Bollywood legend Shah Rukh Khan movies on U.S. Netflix now. Including 16 top movies available right now to stream.
Action Movies For Kids
Not all action movies for kids are made equally, many of them stink. Yet some are fun family flicks that deserve to be watched with popcorn.
best spring movies
Sometimes the characters in the best spring movies tend to be fantastical, be they based on reality or fiction, live action or animated.