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Highest Paid Actresses
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Who is the highest paid actress? Could it be Margot Robbie, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, or someone else? Find out who is at the top now.
bring together family at the dinner table
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Explore the importance of having family at the dinner table and how you can make the meal something your child will remember.
cheap and easy decorations for Halloween
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We’ve created a list of twenty cheap and easy decorations for Halloween so you can still have the best house on the block. 
car cleaning hacks
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Your car is often a second home, especially if you’re on the road a lot. Check out our top fifteen car cleaning hacks to keep your ride just like new. 
How to make viral grimace shake
This recipe will give you a step by step guide on how to make the viral Grimace shake, which the
Stress Tracking
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What is stress tracking and how do new devices help you monitor stress levels? We ask an expert to explain. find out more now.
Lip Cleavage
The trendy lip cleavage technique creates a pronounced crease through the center of the bottom body of the lip. Find out more now.
Miami Cocktail Co.
best canned cocktails
From a classic margarita and bourbon smash to boozy kombucha, we taste-tested the top  premixed canned cocktails and found these to be best.
Wellness Trends
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From outdoor activity to seeking therapy and making time to connect with people, experts discuss the wellness trends to keep post lockdown.
Upneeq Eye Drops
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Here’s everything you need to know about Upneeq eye drops, including how they work, the cost, before and after photos, side effects, and more.
At-Home Beauty Treatment
From pore vacuuming to brow lamination, experts reveal which trendy at-home beauty treatments are safe and which should be left to the pros.
Best Paint Colors for Each Room
Color can affect mood and vibe—in positive ways, so we reached out to interior designers to determine the best paint colors for each room.
hairstyles for 30 year old women
Ready to refresh your look? Celebrity hairstylists share the most flattering hairstyles for 30 year old women, plus styling tips to pull off each cut.
vacuum butt therapy
Unlike the Brazilian butt lift, vacuum butt therapy is a noninvasive massaging technique that helps lift and contour the buttocks. Learn more now.
best hair wavers
Hair wavers are designed specifically to create beachy, mermaid waves. Here, the best hair waver tools, according to stylists, plus how to use them.
dangerous tiktok skincare trends
From microneedling to sunscreen contouring, there are some TikTok skincare trends going viral that make dermatologists grimace at the thought.
Chlorophyll Water Is Everywhere On TikTok — But Is It Actually Good For You?
From treating acne to weight loss and detoxification, TikTok users are calling chlorophyll water a miracle product. Here’s what you need to know.
cheerful eye bags
The cheerful eye bags trend originated in South Korea where it is known as “aegyo sal,” which translates to “charming fat”. Find out more now.
ombre brows
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Ombré brows is a semi-permanent technique where tiny dots of pigment are used to create a powder-like effect. Although similar to microblading, it differs in the way the pigment is applied to the brow.
2022 watch trends
Watches might have been initially created as a convenient way to tell time, but they’ve since evolved into a fashion
how to style wide-leg pants
When done correctly, the silhouette is extremely flattering, versatile, and comfortable. Here, stylist share their tips on how to style wide-leg pants.
lip flip
Lip flips—essentially using Botox to create the illusion of bigger lips—are becoming an increasingly popular procedure. Ahead, top doctors weigh in on how exactly this works.
tiktok fashion trends
Hate it or love it, TikTok has officially become the “it” platform of the pandemic. Here are 5 TikTok fashion trends we hope won’t be going anywhere soon.
wet makeup trend
The days of matte makeup are gone. Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Dorman explains why the wet makeup trend is so popular right now and which stars are loving wearing it.