The Top 5 Watch Trends To Wear This Year

2022 watch trends

Watches might have been initially created as a convenient way to tell time, but they’ve since evolved into a fashion statement, with watch trends changing through the years in the same way as as other accessories. What makes them fundamentally unique, though, is the way that they tie together high-tech and high-fashion in a way no other accessory can, notes Rebecca Rowe, designer for Rebecca Rowe: Capsule Creator.

The last decade has shown to be monumental in the transforming of watch trends. “We’ve seen everything from the wildly oversized for both men and women alike and then back to the dainty; we’ve seen a new rise in the ‘luxury’ watch realm, thanks to the resurgence of Cartier; and we’ve seen trends in color,” explains Candace Hanna, speaker and personal stylist. “We’ve seen watches really become a statement accessory, because people want a beautiful accessory on their arm and the watch is timeless (pun intended).”

And then there’s the concept of digital watches that serve entirely unique functions including monitoring your health, including your vitals, activity level, sleep quality, and even your level of stress. “Watches not only add style, but they function differently and serve different purposes — and each of those purposes has gone through its own trends,” Rowe adds. Ahead, are the top watch trends stylist say will be big in 2022.

Top Watch Trends for 2022

2022 watch trends madewell

Minimalist watches

We’re talking no numbers, no visible mechanics, delicate bands, and straight, simple hands, says Rowe. “The minimalist watch is one of the biggest trends in this area of accessories,” she adds. “This style of watch is an elegant everyday watch choice for women with a classic sense of style.”

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watch trends 2022

Big-face watches

“The oversized watch has been seen on celebrities for a few seasons now, and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon,” says Rowe. “The big-face watch gives off a sports energy without being a smart-watch and still standing out and is a statement piece and has been designed to stand out.”

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Colorful watches

This look first gained popularity back in 2020, and according to Pinterest, the technicolor timepiece trend is still going strong. From the vibrant silicone bands on Komono watches to the colorful faces on TK watches and rainbow details on Coach watches, the cheery style makes a statement.

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Micahel Kors

Hybrid Smart-watches

“Big designers like Michael Kors have embraced the smart-watch and are now making it chic with this hybrid between technology and fashion, which combines the convenience of the smart-watch with the style of designer brands,” says Rowe. On the other hand, tech companies like Apple are adding stylish details to their smartwatches. “Both the big-face watches and the hybrid smart-watches blend perfectly into the sporty-chic trend that we’ve also seen pop up in this category,” Rowe adds.

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cartier watch trends

Vintage-inspired watches

“With the rise of the Cartier love bracelet in recent years, Cartier has made a comeback — and with that comes the luxury or vintage watch,” explains Hanna. “If you’re anything like me, you’re never taking off your watch, and it become a part of your everyday signature.” A vintage-inspired is great for that.

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