Hate it or love it, TikTok has officially become the “it” platform of the pandemic—and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. And, while it’s convenient for learning everything from a new recipe to a new language, one of its most clever uses is for spreading the word about trending fashion choices. We’re rounding up the TikTok fashion trends we hope will stick around.

From fashion week highlights to everyday street style, TikTok connects the consumer directly to the stylists and gives them a “heads up” as to what’s “in.”  “The very nature of TikTok is about sharing, showing and teaching, so fashion pros and amateurs alike have flocked to the platform to show users how to wear certain styles,” notes wardrobe stylist, Abby Arad. She’s particularly a fan of videos that show someone trying on certain clothes. “It shows how the clothes actually look—not just on models or in a beautifully set scene, but on real customers!”

Engie Hasan, celebrity fashion stylist and costume director, believes TikTok has broadened fashion education and inspired people to become part of the industry even more. “My fashion assistant, for example, has not only become more inspired to learn about the industry, but has also created her own fashion-forward content and branded her own style through this media platform,” she says.
“For me, it is bringing me more business to style more people and is allowing me to showcase both my skill and trade, as well as develop content for brands I love and personally work closely with.”

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If there’s one thing we hope will stay from this TikTok craze, it’s definitely the fashion inspo.

Here, we’re sharing some TikTok fashion trends we’ve seen all over the place this year. 


the viral mom jeans from @abercrombie are officially my go-to cute butt jeans 🤯🍑 #abercrombie #tryonhaul #style #SipIntoSummer

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Mom jeans

Gen Z,  the rulers of TikTok, are at war with tight, skinny jeans, notes Tijana Ibrahimovic, fashion stylist. They’re all into the wide-leg pant, which some are welcoming with open arms, especially after months and months of not having to dress up for anything. Not only is the mom-jean look comfortable, but it’s also super easy to style with just about anything, from a plain white t-shirt to an oversized blazer. 

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Oversized blazer

If there’s one trend we’re loving just as much, if not more, than mom jeans it’s the oversized blazer. It’s all over TikTok and giving us major style inspo. “They are perfect for transitional weather and to go from day to evening look,” says Ibrahimovic. “If you wear them with heels you look dressed up, and with chunky shoes just simply street style cool.” Tanya Tamburin, fashion stylist, recommends investing in one that has some structure, especially in the shoulders and pairing it with a platform loafer or sneakers for the ultimate comfortable and polished look.

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Meg Ryan fall

It’s time to dust off your old DVDs and binge on Meg Ryan’s top movies from the 90s because her outfits in all of these films are the latest fashion “it” trend. What’s being dubbed as “Meg Ryan Fall,” TikTok users are dressing up in outfits that resemble what she wore in her classic romantic comedies like When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle. Think cardigans, white shirts,  khakis and joggers. The best part about this trend, according to Ibrahimovic? Most of what you need to rock it is already hanging up in your closet. 

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What do you get when you combine a shirt with a jacket? A shacket … and a brilliant concept that’s all over TikTok right now. It’s the most stylish way to rock a basic button-down shirt in the winter without being absolutely freezing when you step outside. While it might not be durable enough to get you through snowy days, it’s perfect for the drop in temperature that comes with a vengeance in November-December. 

Shop: Ziggy Jacket ($90; petalandpup.com)


Chunky hoops

Low key is in, that’s for sure, but low key doesn’t mean dressing down all of the time. While big and elaborate jewelry might be out for the time being, we’re loving its replacement: chunky, delicate hoops. These are so easy to dress up or dress down and can be worn from your work Zoom call to your weekend dinner plans. 

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