10 Best Breakdance Movies All Dance Fans Should Watch

Best Breakdance Movies
Credit: Paramount / Footloose

To say I have watched a lot of breakdancing movies is an understatement. There are too many good ones from the classics to the more modern ones. and these are the best breakdance movies streaming right now.

Wild Style, Freevee

Wild Style is a Cultural Revolution of graffiti, rapping, and break dancing, Wild Style did it first. Zorro is a graffiti artist who is conflicted about using his talent for a proper career. Wild Style fulfills the early hip-hop fantasies with the rival crews battling one another. It is a funky and electric energy kind of movie. You can watch the movie now with ads on Freevee.

Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo (Rent Only)

Breakin’ 2 is about the struggle to stop the demolition of a community recreation center. Kelly and her friends team up for a break-dancing benefit show to save the community center. This movie was the first breakdance movie I ever saw when I was a kid. To me as a kid, it just seemed so fascinating the way they danced and moved.

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Beat Street (Rent Only)

In Beat Street, Bronx teens find an outlet to express themselves in a world of hip-hop and breakdancing. This movie is more relatable and has more authentic vibes. When you’re watching the movie it is like a time capsule, showcasing the art, style, dancing, and music of the early 80s.

Footloose, Paramount+

Footloose is my favorite 80s dancing movie. In middle school, we had to learn a dance for the Footloose song, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It is about a teenager, Ken McCormack, who moves from Chicago to a small Midwestern town he now calls home and they have made dancing and rock music illegal. He struggles to fit in and faces an uphill battle of changing the ways he is used to. You can watch it on Paramount+ today.  

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Kickin’ It Old Skool (Rent Only)

In Kickin’ It Old Skool Justin Schumacher was performing at a talent show in 1986 and suffers a head injury and slips into a coma. He wakes up 20 years later with the mindset and experience of a 12-year-old kid. He decides to get this old crew together to revive their short-lived careers. You can rent this movie on Amazon Prime Video.

Step 2: The Streets (Rent Only)

They have enough Step Up movies, but if they came out with another one tomorrow, I would still go and see it. I don’t know what it is, but the Step-Up movies are so intriguing. Andie a rebellious street dancer has to enroll in a top-notch school of arts if she doesn’t want to move away. She teams with misfit classmates to compete in an underground dance contest. Merging her old life and new life. The movie is available to rent via Amazon Prime, Apple, and more services.

Honey (Rent Only)

Honey Daniels dreams of making a name for herself to become a hip-hop choreographer. She teaches dance classes at a community center in Harlem, New York to help keep kids off the streets. She thinks she hit it big when she meets a hotshot director who cast her in music videos but then starts demanding sexual favors from her. Honey ends up having to make a decision that will make or break her dancing career. You can rent this movie for $3.99 on Apple today.

Step Up Revolution (Rent Only)

In Step Up Revolution, Sean, the leader of a dance crew called “The Mob” meets Emily, a young dancer trying to get into the school of her dreams. When a rich businessman plans to develop a strip of stores and displaces thousands of people Sean and Emily join forces. To turn their performance art into protest art, even if it may jeopardize Emily’s dreams. You can rent this movie for $3.99 from a range of services, including Apple and Amazon.

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You Got Served (Rent Only)

You Got Served opens up the world of competitive street dancing. The crews battle each other for money and respect. Elgin and David are best friends and are the leaders of the best dance crew in the area they live in. When another town’s top crew challenges Elgin and David’s crew, they have to come up with cutting-edge moves to keep remaining on top. The stakes are high as friends double-cross each other and the truth is revealed. If you are looking to watch this movie you can rent it on Apple for $3.49.

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Step Up 3D (Rent Only)

I know I added three Step Up movies, but they are all great in their own way. Now you might be wondering what makes this one better than the other two. Well, when this came out in theaters it was also playing in 3D, the dancers were right there as if you were in the crowd watching. Like the older movies, this one is in New York City, where a tight-knit group of street dancers finds themselves in competition with the world’s best hip hop dancers. Stakes are high and trust is broken. You can stream this movie on a host of services, include Apple for $3.49.

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