10 Movies With The Greenest Thumbed Characters

best spring movies

Movie characters tend to be fantastical, be they based on reality or fiction:

They may be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, pilot a starship across the universe, or overcome great odds. But sometimes they’re unique for tasks that may seem mundane or common.

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This is not to say that growing a plant or maintaining crops is an easy endeavor. It takes plenty of patience and careful upkeep to turn something as simple as a seed into a bountiful and living organism.

In Spring, nothing quite sets the mood for greener days than a movie with characters that can really make the world come alive.

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Here are our picks for movie characters with green thumbs.

10. E.T. from E.T.

best spring movies

The mysterious, cute, and curious creature of E.T. came from another world and is fascinated with our own. The boy who shelters him, Elliot, is also intrigued by this alien who not only has an odd voice and stretchy neck but some astounding abilities as well:

Namely, he has the power to heal with the touch of his glowing finger. This works on anything from the cut finger of a little boy to a dying plant, as revealed in the moment we know E.T. is indeed alive from the sight of a healthy plant. He’s probably the most helpful intergalactic alien you’d like to have in a greenhouse or on a farm.

9. Pomona Sprout from Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

best spring movies

At the Hogwarts school of magic, you can find a number of different wizards to teach plenty of classes on different spells and all manner of magic. When it comes to Herbology, Pomona Sprout is your professor when it comes to all things plant and dirty.

In her class for The Chamber of Secrets, the second Harry Potter film, you can find her teaching a class of living and screeching vegetables most useful for making antidotes which will come in handy for the bigger threat of the film.

8. Ray from Field of Dreams

10 Movies With The Greenest Thumbed Characters

Ray does his best to maintain a farm but is also keen to listen to odd advice when it comes to how to develop his land. Namely, the whispers of building a baseball field when, if built, they will come:

And “they” happen to be the ghosts of dead baseball players that come out of the corn to ball another game. If Ray can summon such spirits from what he did to his field, imagine what he could do with all sorts of different farmland projects.

7. Lady Tottington from Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

best spring movies

Wallace & Gromit star in this stop-motion film as the garden protectors of their vegetable-loving community:

And when there’s an evil Were-Rabbit on the loose, savaging all the crops in sight, the titular man and dog utilize their business to protect the wealthy and prize-winning vegetable grower, Lady Tottington.

Her vegetables are so huge they make for one of many sight gags in this delightfully charming film with a throwback horror movie vibe.

6. The Farmer from Shaun the Sheep Movie

10 Movies With The Greenest Thumbed Characters

The Farmer of the farm on Shaun the Sheep may not be given a proper name. He may not even speak proper English. But he must clearly have a handle on his farm that always seems to be green and vibrant.

Well, okay, it’s mostly thanks to the tough dog keeping everyone in line and no help to the troublesome Shaun that takes his sheep peers on all sorts of adventures. But as the movie revealed, Farmer is indeed talented

5. Forrest Gump from Forrest Gump

10 Movies With The Greenest Thumbed Characters

Tom Hanks portrayed the fabled character of Forrest Gump with a slew of different talents. He was a soldier, ping pong player, shrimp boat captain, and long-distance runner.

One of his talents included tending to the grass of football fields, keeping them well-trimmed and maintained with a ride-on lawnmower.

So in addition to all these talents, we’re willing to bet he’d be a great farmer as well considering his many other skills that trumped his limited intelligence.

4. Mark Watney from The Martian

10 Movies With The Greenest Thumbed Characters

When Mark (Matt Damon) is stranded on Mars, he has to find a way to survive with limited resources before another crew can come to rescue him.

While he waits, he’ll need food to survive and manages to construct his own greenhouse with the materials he has available.

Being a botanist, he’s more than capable of harvesting a fine crop of potatoes with little more than soil, water from rocket fuel, and, well, potatoes in reserve.

Combining all this makes him the first successful human farmer of Mars!

3. Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro

10 Movies With The Greenest Thumbed Characters

The giant bunny-like creature of Totoro is perhaps one of the cuddliest creatures in all of the Studio Ghibli animated films, so iconic he’s become the mascot of the company.

Not only is he a soft and round creature suitable for taking a nap upon, he also possesses the amazing ability to make plants grow high into the sky with his special moves.

It’s so much fun the two girls who discover him join in on the fun as well. Any magical woodland creature that can grow a towering piece of plant life just for fun with mere movements of his hands is certainly someone you’d want to have around the garden. Well, unless giant beanstalks are not your thing.

2. Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

10 Movies With The Greenest Thumbed Characters

Within the wizarding world of Harry Potter, the magical zoologist of Newt Scamander would have to be skilled with plant life for the various creatures he tends to in his massive menagerie concealed within his suitcase.

One such creature is the Bowtruckle, a small little guy with leafy hair, a twig body, and roots that act as legs. He must certainly be a fine gardener to tend to the health of such a fascinating creature, to say nothing of the food he’d have to prepare for all his other pets.

Hopefully Bowtruckle isn’t mistaken for an appetizer.

1. Stanley from A Troll in Central Park

10 Movies With The Greenest Thumbed Characters

Of all the characters on this list, Stanley may have the most literal of green thumbs.

He’s a troll with the magical ability to make plants grow, among the other powers he showcases to a couple of young kids who find him in Central Park.

His skills in the area of plant life are enough to pull off everything from dance sequences of flowers to saving the day against the evil trolls that seek to destroy him.

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