10 Top Amitabh Bachchan Movies To Stream Right now In 2022

Top Amitabh Bachchan Movies
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Enjoy these Amitabh Bachchan Bollywood movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video today. Stream them right now and watch this acting icon in all his glory.

Pink (2016) – KoreaOnDemand

A sexual assault victim unjustly tried for the attempted murder of her attacker, is defended by a retired lawyer who challenges India’s rape culture.

Bombay Talkies (2013) – Netflix

A gay man deals with his sexuality, a struggling actor has an epiphany, a boy becomes a dancer, and a man tries to fulfill his father’s dying wish.

Paheli (2005) – Netflix

Traditional Indian folklore comes alive in this charming film based on a story by Statwart Vijaydan Detha.

Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap (2011) – Netflix

A cooly confident aging hit man returns from exile in Paris to his old city, Mumbai, to revisit his past and perform one last job.

Aarakshan (2011) – Yupp TV

The decision by India’s supreme court to establish caste-based reservations for jobs in education causes conflict between a teacher and his mentor.

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Khakee (2004) – Google Play

Just as he is preparing for his daughter’s wedding, a veteran policeman is assigned to a crack team transporting a Pakistani secret agent to trial.

Three (2016) – Netflix

Still desperate to find his granddaughter nearly a decade after her kidnapping, a devoted grandfather chases a dangerous new lead.

Baabul (2006) – Amazon Prime Video

When his only son dies in an accident, Balraaj urges his depressed daughter-in-law to marry a man who has long loved her in silence.

Sarkar (2005) – Sun NXT

A powerful gangster disowns his son for murdering a movie star, prompting the latter to seek revenge.

Darna Zaroori Hai (2006) – Amazon Prime Video

An old woman who lives in a dilapidated mansion narrates six scary stories to a group of children who have dropped in to take shelter from the rain.

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