7 Best Fishing Shows And Where To Stream Them

Best Fishing Shows
Credit: Discovery Plus / Amazon

Love fishing, but can’t get outdoors as much as you like?

If that’s you, and you want to flex your fishing interest from the comfort of an armchair, we’ve got the 7 best fishing shows you can stream right now.

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7. Top Hooker (Discovery Plus), IMDb 6.0

Top Hooker is about fishermen traveling across the country to some of the most remote and different fishing holes. As they compete and struggle through eight hard weeks on the road and 24 challenges, it all comes down to being crowned the top hooker. You can watch the full season on Discovery Plus now to see who and why they are crowned.

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6. Wicked Tuna (Disney Plus), IMDb 6.4

Wicked Tuna is an American reality series about tuna fishermen that are based in Gloucester, Massachusetts. They fish in the North Atlantic Ocean for bluefin tuna. In the show, there are teams of fishermen battling each other to see who can get the most profit out of catching the most fish. Wicked Tuna has 11 seasons, with the latest season just finished airing in July of 2022.

5. Battlefish (Netflix), IMDb 7.0

Battlefish is a reality TV show that follows the pursuits of several boats as they go searching in the Pacific Ocean for albacore tuna. The series consists of eight episodes in which you see the struggle and the process the people go through when it comes to fishing. You can now watch the series on Netflix and all episodes are available to stream right now.

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4. Addictive Fishing (Youtube TV), IMDb 7.0

Captain Blair Wiggins will take you along for an adventure on the most exciting fishing trip in the world. Each episode is different from the next, and it ran from 2000 to 2016. There are 12 seasons to watch, with roughly 13 episodes per season. You can watch it now on Youtube as long as you are subscribed to Youtube TV.

3. Deadliest Catch (Discovery Plus), IMDb 7.8

Do you know what one of the most deadly professions in the world is? Alaskan crab fishermen! It is considered a dangerous job because fishermen can get caught up in the coil lines. You can watch these men at work in the Deadliest Catch series. There are 18 seasons, and the latest season is aired weekly. A new episode is available every Tuesday.

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2. Lunkerville (Philo)

Lunkerville is unrated on IMDb but is easily one of the best fishing shows you can stream right now, hence it takes our #2 spot. This show is about fishing enthusiasts that travel around the country fishing with local experts. The enthusiasts learn the local fishing secrets at their favorite spot. This is the perfect show to pick up some fishing tricks and take them with you on your next fishing trip. There are 14 seasons you can watch and start binging.

1. River Monsters (Discovery Plus), IMDb 8.1

River Monsters follows biologist and adventurer, Jeremy Wade, as he explores rivers and lakes to uncover the creatures’ local folklore and tales are written of. Each episode is like a chapter that unfolds like a detective story. There are 9 seasons to watch and this is easily one of the more unique fish-related shows available.

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