Middle age and feeling tired? Functional fitness may be for you

Source CNN Health

As a novice, Mignerey learned the basics like how to properly lift a kettlebell. The instructor taught her how to do a modified plank and push-up.
Mignerey wasn’t shy about asking, “Is this where I should be feeling this?”
“Exercise should not be about getting injured. It should not be about bigger, stronger, tougher,” Losch said. “It should be about getting you stronger so you can take those baby steps to get your body in the shape that you need to get it in.”
Losch emphasizes that human bodies don’t lose muscle capacity in one day, so clients shouldn’t expect to see immediate results, either.
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“It’s going to take a while,” she said.
Mignerey has gone to class three days a week for the past several months.
After about two months, she says, she noticed her aches and pains going away and her posture improving.
“I feel like my muscles are stronger, and they support me better.”
Her trainers also talked with her about adding fresh vegetables and fruits to her meals.
Now, she said, “the more I work out, the better I eat, the better sleep I get.”
“I feel more alert from the time I wake up until I’m ready to go to bed.”
And she’s losing weight. “When I sit down, I don’t feel as if I’m as soft everywhere,” Mignerey said with a laugh.