No Equipment, No Time, No Worries: 15 Minute Travel Workouts

By Krista Gambacorta
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Most people want to stay active while on vacation, but it can be hard to make it a priority.  Because of limited time, minimal access to a fitness center and a general lack of motivation, working out usually takes a back seat.  However, if you can make it a priority, just a few workouts during your holiday has many health benefits such as increased energy, mood, and can aid in relaxation and sleep. With this in mind we have brought you three intense travel workouts that can be completed in 15-20 minutes and require no equipment. Find a space in your hotel room or on the beach and get started! 

HIIT Workout

Danielle Pascente personal trainer in Los Angeles and the creator of the Kick-Ass Training Guides came up with this 15 minute HIIT travel workout.

1 minute bodyweight squats
30 second squat jumps
1 minute push ups or modified push ups
30 seconds mountain climbers
1 minute alternating step back lunges
30 second lunge jumps
1 minute tricep dips
30 seconds plank ups
1 minute glute bridges
30 second burpee tuck jumps or regular burpees
Rest 1-3 minutes and Repeat

Beach Workout

Julie Bauer, Paleomg blog creator and Crossfit coach came up with this intense beach workout. This can also be done in any open space.
300m beach run – 20 jumping squats – 15 push ups – 10 burpees
300m beach run – 20 jumping lunges – 15 pike push ups – 10 tuck jumps
300m beach run – 10/10 one legged deadlifts – 15 push ups – 30 mountain climbers
300m beach run – 20 crab kicks – 15 shoulder tap push ups – 10 burpees

Modified Workout

If you are looking for something more modified check out this workout by Christian Palmer, WNBF Pro, Nutrition Expert & Personal Trainer.
Stationary back stepping lunges 5 x 10
Glute bridges 5 x 20
Modified push-ups 5 x 12
Superman hyperextentions: 5 x 20
High knees in place OR lateral shuffles back and forth: 5 x 45 seconds
Do these exercises sequentially, completing one set at a time with no rest in between each set.

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