7 Best Foods for Hair Growth

Foods for Hair Growth
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Who doesn’t want strong, healthy hair? Some of us just weren’t born with luxuriously thick hair, and that’s okay. But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the look you desire.

Luckily, there are some foods that can help you take your locks to the next level, naturally. Here are 7 of the best foods for hair growth.

1. Eggs

Eggs are a wonderful source of protein and biotin, which are excellent at helping hair grow strong. Hair follicles are made of mostly protein, so if you find you are losing a lot of hair, you may need to consider your protein intake. Biotin is associated with the keratin in your hair and also increases hair growth. It is rare that people are deficient in biotin. Eggs also contain amazing nutrients such as selenium and immune-boosting zinc. 

2. Berries

Berries are loaded with antioxidants, which make them good foods for hair growth. Antioxidants work to protect the hair follicle against free radicals. Free radicals are found in the body as well as in the environment. Berries also contain lots of vitamin C, which helps to produce collagen. Collagen is a protein that helps strengthen hair and prevent it from breaking. Also, you will find that if you are low on iron, it can cause hair loss. Well, vitamin C helps the body absorb iron so berries are a win-win!

3. Spinach

Spinach contains vitamin A which helps the skin produce sebum. Sebum helps to moisturize the scalp which keeps it healthy. It also contains vitamin E which is essential for hair growth. If you have an iron deficiency and find yourself losing hair, then spinach is the perfect veggie to help you. It has a ton of iron in it. The reason iron is so important is because it helps red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body to fuel your metabolism and assist in repairing.

4. Fish

When it comes to fish and hair growth, the fattier the better. Fish such as salmon, herring, and mackeral contain all the nutrients you need to promote hair growth. They contain omega-3 fatty acids which are wonderful for your hair. These particular fish also contain vitamins such as selenium, vitamin D3 and B vitamins.

5. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain a large amount of beta-carotene, which in turn, converts into vitamin A. A medium sized sweet potato will more than cover your daily need for vitamin A. Not only that, but vitamin A is known to speed up hair growth. 

6. Avacados

This amazing fruit is jam packed with nutrients. Let’s start with vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps your hair combat against free radicals that are just about everywhere. Avacados are also an amazing source of essential fatty acids which are important building blocks that your hair needs to grow healthy and strong. 

7. Nuts

Nuts contain a wide variety of vitamins such as zinc, b vitamins, and essential fatty acids. Nuts are well known for their health benefits, not only are they wonderful for your hair, but they also reduce inflammation that causes heart disease. 


Its pretty obvious that what you eat impacts how well your hair health is. If you are starting to lose hair then you might be deficient in vitamins A, C, D, E, zinc, iron, and also biotin. The best thing you can do is get yourself to the doctor and have them do bloodwork on you. This will give you a good picture of your overall health and what vitamins or foods you need to be including more in your diet. Once you do this, then your hair will likely grow much faster and healthier. 

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