Top Reasons to Start Training for a 5K Race Today

5k race

How many 5K races have you participated in?

Whether you answer “too many to count” or “none,” keep in mind a 5K race is for everyone. Young or old, regular exerciser or couch potato, completing a 5K is both doable and fun.

Many participants in these events use these races not only to raise money or awareness of a specific cause but also to inspire and motivate them to keep in shape by training and preparing for the event.

These 5-kilometer or 3.1-mile races are perfect for beginners and for anyone needing something to kick their motivation into high gear.

What makes 5K races an effective fitness motivator is a fact they are designed and ideal for runners and walkers of all ages and any fitness level. If you want to go back and forth between running and walking or if you simply want to walk the entire race, no one will think any less of you. 

To get you inspired and pumped up to try out a local 5K race, here are 5 motivational reasons to get you on your mark, get set, go:

1. You Commit Yourself

To sign up for a 5K, you will have to pay an entry fee.  How many of us once we pay for something, tend not to go through with it?  No one likes to waste money so by paying the fee, you are more likely to keep yourself committed to showing up the day of the race.  Once committed to the run, you will be more focused on training for it.

2. You’ll Discover Your Current Fitness Level

If it’s been a while since you’ve worked out regularly, training for a 5K race will reveal your current level of fitness and endurance.  You will discover what you need to improve upon motivating you to arrive the day of the race in much better shape. 

3. 5Ks Can Be Challenging

Training for a 5K race is not anywhere near as grueling as training for a 26-mile marathon.  But, once you are signed up and committed to participating, it does offer the challenge of improving your fitness level by a strict deadline.  You will want to be ready physically and mentally the day of the race. This means you must set up and design a regular schedule of walking/running to be in the best shape you can once the race starts.

4. Every Person’s Race

5K races are realistic.  Maybe it’s been since high school since you ran a few laps in gym class but training for this event is manageable for most people.  By committing to train only 3 days a week, starting 7 weeks before the race, you should have no problem completing it plus you will have gained in strength, endurance, and better fitness overall. Here is a 5K training schedule.

5. By Helping Yourself, You Are Helping Others

Because 5k races are very popular and realistic for the average person to participate in, many charities and non-profit organization have adopted 5Ks as a fundraiser and community event.  This makes them a very attractive and motivational reason to want to train and participate in them to help raise money for a good cause while getting yourself in shape.  Not only will your body and mind benefit but so will your community. 

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