The Impact of WANDERLUST and upcoming event dates

One of the biggest fitness and wellness trends of 2017 has been the emergence and popularity of Festivals. Not the kind we are all accustomed to however, these are of the healthy variety and consist of physical activity, yoga, meditation and holistic eating. Wanderlust has become one of the biggest Wellness Festivals with an expected 100,000 tickets sold by the end of 2017.

The truth is I dont see wellness festivals as a trend but a movement that has come about due to the impact of technology, social media and wellness as a pivotal component to a millennials happiness and self-fulfillment. Wellness has become social and may I say instagrammable, which is the kind of experience people are looking for in this social media driven culture.

The funny thing is that the more that we become connected through social media, the more we feel disconnected in our own personal lives. This creates a longing for real and meaningful relationships. Wellness Festivals such as Wanderlust are events that bring people together while creating an experience that can be shared in the online world.

The majority of the demographics that make up the attendance at these festivals are college graduate American women. Wanderlust and other similar festivals create the perfect girls weekend that revolves around holistic living and overall well being, which is becoming much more attractive to these well educated women than a weekend of drinking and debauchery (although everyone needs there fair share of debauchery).

Wanderlust has gone international and offers its next event Dec. 2nd in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is a 1 day event that will offer, a 5K run, Yoga, Meditation and of course live music. This expansion globally shows its rising impact and incredible growth. The addition of the online video library also shows the loyal following the event has developed, as the participants want more access to the activities year round.

The next US festival is in 2018, Wanderlust Oahu March 1-4 in Hawaii. This is an all-encompassing experience that will include biking, hiking, dancing, yoga, mediation and much more. You can see more here and purchase tickets.

Wanderlust seems to be growing at a rate that will continue to make it the biggest Wellness Festival in the world and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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