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What To Do When A Friend Hooks Up With Your Ex
When the people in your life you least expect to betray you do exactly that, it is a tough pill to swallow. While you may not be able to forgive and forget, understandably so, here are some ways to put your mind at ease and move on when a friend hooks up with your ex.
I’m 32 And Just Got Divorced. Here's What I've Learned
The truth is that divorcees aren’t just 40-something women living in the burbs with two kids. Here is what I’ve learned about divorce.
how to take out contacts with long nails
An optometrist shares how to take out contacts with long nails as well as some of her best tips and tricks.
21 Things I Learned In My First Year Of Being 30
For me, the year brought clarity. Closure. Opportunity. So, for anyone who is scared of turning 30, I wanted to share some real life lessons I learned.
ombre brows
Ombré brows is a semi-permanent technique where tiny dots of pigment are used to create a powder-like effect. Although similar to microblading, it differs in the way the pigment is applied to the brow.
lip flip
Lip flips—essentially using Botox to create the illusion of bigger lips—are becoming an increasingly popular procedure. Ahead, top doctors weigh in on how exactly this works.
valentine's day gifts for guys
Say ‘Valentine’s Day gift’ and admittedly there’s a certain cheesiness factor that immediately comes to mind. And while we have
winter cocktails
Brandy, rum and whiskey aren’t the only staples of winter drinks. We are going to show you 7 delicious winter vodka cocktails you should try. 
jewelry lovers
A tiny box to unwrap on Christmas day often means one thing: jewelry. And from the second that gift appears under the tree, the jewelry lovers in your life are dying to rip into it.
brow lamination
Do you have brow hairs that seem to have a mind of their own? A new trend will leave them looking picture perfect and it is called brow lamination.
magnetic eyeliner
It sounds crazy. Why would anyone wear magnetic eyeliner that you can’t see? A growing trend toward minimalist makeup is on the rise.
gifts that give back
his year, consider buying gifts that give back in some way or another. Maybe it’s a brand that supports fair trade, or perhaps it’s an item that donates a portion of its proceeds to a charitable organization.
orange wine
Orange wine has grown in popularity recently, but did you know that in the United States it can never be
how to make your eyes look bigger
Makeup artists Kim Baker and Delina Medhin share their pro tips for how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup.
Grandmillennial style
If you’re craving a more romantic and vintage-inspired aesthetic, perhaps grandmillennial style will pique your interest.
what is eyebrow tinting?
What is eyebrow tinting? Brow expert Joey Healy shares everything there is to know about the popular technique that delivers darker, more defined brows.
wet makeup trend
The days of matte makeup are gone. Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Dorman explains why the wet makeup trend is so popular right now and which stars are loving wearing it.
tiktok mascara hack
A TikTok mascara hack is going viral for making a dramatic difference in lash volume. Here, a makeup artist shares her thoughts on the setting powder technique.
slugging for acne-prone skin
If you follow skin trends on social media, you’ve likely heard of slugging. Coined by K-Beauty and popularized by TikTok,
Instagram makeup artists
Instagram makeup artists are not only sharing their gorgeous work, but their best tips, tricks, and produce recs. Here are 10 you should follow for daily inspiration.
best summer romance books 2021
From a suspenseful royal romance to a highly anticipated LGBTQA+ love story to a steamy barbarian alien affair, here are the best summer romance books of 2021.
pool sandals
The best pool sandals and water shoes are as functional as they are stylish, providing both comfort and practicality while offering on-trend details.
size-inclusive swimwear brands
From luxury labels that have recently added extended sizes to designers that have prioritized inclusivity from the start, these are the stylish, size-inclusive swimwear brands to shop this summer.
summer nail polish colors 2021
From sandy nudes to bright fuchsia, ahead experts from Sally Hansen and Essie share the summer nail polish colors you’re about to see everywhere.