10 Celebrities Who Are Not Afraid To Flaunt Their Hip Dips

Miley Cyrus
Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like everyday celebrities set a new beauty standard to make women feel insecure about their appearance. Not only are they unfair and unattainable for many, but they tend to feel arbitrary. Hip dips, the name given to the indentation that appears between the hipbone and thigh, have recently entered this category of physical attribute.

Hip dips, also known as violin hips, are caused by the shape of a person’s pelvis, personal trainer Hannah Lewin explained to Refinery29. “They’re associated with your skeletal structure so you can’t change it and no amount of fat loss will,” she says. Even still, she later said, more and more of her clients are beginning to voice their aesthetic goals, like getting rid of hip dips.

“I feel that before people would have a fitness goal and it was personal,” Lewin told the publication. “They’d say ‘I want to start running’ or ‘I have an idea of how I want my body to look, but now people are scrolling through Instagram, putting aside their genetics and biomechanics and wanting to look like someone else entirely. The Discover feed is like a catalog of bodies where you can pick how you want to look.” 

However, contrary to popular belief, hip dips don’t actually have anything to do with weight or fitness — it’s merely how some people are shaped, and it’s not possible to change with diet and exercise (though, that wouldn’t necessarily be a healthy thing to do even if it was). Despite the seemingly endless amount of influencers and celebrities sharing photos of their “perfect” bodies (many of which have been altered with plastic surgery or photo editing), some celebrities with hip dips are flaunting their natural physique.

Not only do these women look absolutely gorgeous, but their photos are further proof that hip dips are totally natural, normal, and nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, they’re worth celebrating. Ahead, we’ve rounded up some celebrities with hip dips who aren’t afraid to flaunt their figure — curves and all.

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