The 10 Airbnb Questions Travel Pros Always Ask (That You Should Ask Too)

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Planning your next escape? Consider an Airbnb for a touch of personal charm, flexibility, and even potential savings. To kickstart your accommodation hunt explore the photos and guest reviews, and always check stay requirements to avoid any booking blunders. However, the key to a great stay is communication with your host. Be a pro with these must-ask Airbnb questions.

Does your Airbnb property have fast and reliable internet?

fast reliable internet
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Is there an on-site and free-to-use kitchen at the property?

Airbnb Kitchen
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What are the top (or best hidden) attractions around the property?

Hidden Features
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Are there any house rules I should be aware of?

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What necessities, from towels to toiletries, do you provide?

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Are there any extra fees, like parking, I could incur while staying at your property?

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What are the safety measures at the property?

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How do I check in and check out of the Airbnb property?

check in
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How do I find your property? And where is the entrance?

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Is there a cancellation policy?

Cancellation Policy
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