Top 10 Women’s Travel Groups

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Travel groups are a fun way to explore the world, but having the ability to travel with just women is even more exciting. Take a look through some of the top rated women’s travel groups below, and see which one fits you and your next adventure.

The Women’s Travel Group

Created in 1992, this company creates affordable yet luxurious travel for smaller groups of women. Many have their first ever solo trip with this company, which has won awards for quality, expertise, and connections. Explore the unusual and mainstream with the Women’s Travel Group.

  • Average group size: 10-15 women
  • Itineraries: More flexible with different options provided during the day
  • Upcoming Tours: November 2023 (Greece with optional Santorini), February 2024 (Mexico City)

Women’s Travel Club

Geared towards middle to older aged women, this travel club will still provide once in a lifetime experiences for anyone who wishes to sign up. Constantly looking for the best prices, Women’s Travel Club wants your vacation to be the best it can and is open to any and all questions you may have.

  • Average group size: 10-20 women
  • Itineraries: Depending on the trip can be more relaxed or intensive
  • Upcoming Tours: December 2023 (Classic Ecuador), April 2024 (Holland & Belgium)

Women Traveling Together

Created in 1998 by a past regional magazine writer, this women’s travel group aims to solve the frustration at not having a travel partner by creating women-only travel experiences that are affordable and exciting. This is all to say Women Traveling Together is not only for the group, but for the individual and their travel dreams.

  • Average group size: 10-20 women
  • Itineraries: Balance between scheduled activities and free time to explore
  • Upcoming Tours: October 2023 (Montreal & Quebec City), February 2024 (Death Valley & Las Vegas)


Top 10 Women’s Travel Groups
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Coined “the world’s most loved tour company” Trafalgar has trips in 72 countries and 6 continents. If you’re looking for a highly rated, trustworthy company to take your first solo trip, then this is the company for you. They provide multiple types of trips, including women’s only trips.

  • Average group size:
  • Itineraries: Depends on the trip on how intensive the activities are
  • Upcoming Tours: September 2023 (France), October 2023 (Egypt)

Adventure Women

Top 10 Women’s Travel Groups
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Operating since 1982, and exploring more than 65 countries worldwide, Adventure Women is geared towards making lasting friendships between the women that go, and making discoveries about yourself along the way.

  • Average group size: 12-14 women
  • Itineraries: Range from moderate, active, and high energy, choose the trip for you
  • Upcoming Tours: September 2023 (Southern Italy), February 2024 (Morocco)

The Solo Female Traveler Network

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Trips created by women for women, The Solo Female Traveler Network focuses on three things – the experiences, the connection, and the freedom. Experience the culture of the city you are visiting, connect with fellow travelers, and have the freedom to explore solo throughout the trip.

  • Average group size: 10-18 women
  • Itineraries: Depends on the trip how intensive it will be
  • Upcoming Tours: September 2023 (Galapagos), December 2023 (Iceland)

Women Traveling the World

Top 10 Women’s Travel Groups
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If you want to travel and do not have anyone to go with, then you should explore Women Traveling the World, where small women’s travel groups promote long-lasting friendships and connections you may never have gotten before. They also provide co-ed opportunities if you want.

  • Average group size: 12-14 women
  • Itineraries: All different types of travel options with varying intensiveness
  • Upcoming Tours: November 2023 (South Africa), April 2024 (Jordan)

Avalon Women’s Travel Co.

Embracing, empowering, elevating are the three main concepts prized by Avalon Women’s Travel Co. as they bring women all over the world. Learn more about history and culture through ethical travel, while in a group of women that range from newcomers to seasoned explorers.

  • Average group size: 6-8 women
  • Itineraries: Options for slow travel and regular travel to accommodate everyone
  • Upcoming Tours: November 2023 (Paris), December 2023 (Ireland)

Adventures in Good Company

Accepting women from all walks of life and all ages, Adventures in Good Company has a trip that can fit anyone. Providing five levels of activity along with small groups, you are sure to meet an amazing collection of women.

  • Average group size: 10-14 women
  • Itineraries: Highlighting five levels of activity, pick the one best for you
  • Upcoming Tours: March 2024 (Nepal), October 2023 (New Zealand)

Wild Women Expeditions

Operating for the past 30 years, Wild Women Expeditions can now be found in over 30 countries around the world. Employing women from the ground up, this company tries to make the best trips possible for their clients, no matter if this is their first or tenth trip.

  • Average group size: 6-14 women
  • Itineraries: Multiple options each day to cater to your level of exploration
  • Upcoming Tours: September 2023 (Peru), July 2024 (Tanzania)

If you’re looking for a very small group of women to connect with, or a couple dozen, then there is plenty of options for you to choose from. Many of these experiences are once in a lifetime, and each of these companies will not only get you there, but make lasting connections along the way.

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