Essential Airbnb Tips for a Perfect Vacation in 2024

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As you plan your next vacation, you may decide to book an Airbnb instead of just staying at a hotel or timeshare. If you do, these top Airbnb tips to find a perfect vacation property will come in useful.

The first tips are about expectations:

  • An Airbnb property may not be the cheapest option available.
  • Don’t expect the property to offer all the amenities you expect from a hotel.
  • Always compare Airbnb properties to other available options (hotels, etc.) before booking.

As Airbnb properties are controlled by people instead of overarching companies, it makes them unique from other booking options. Sometimes these places can be cheaper, but that might be at the cost of amenities or services you want on vacation. Therefore, always be aware of what you are booking, at what price, and in comparison to what more traditional options are available.

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How to Find the Best Airbnb for You?

  • Pick an Airbnb in a location that fits your needs, and budget.
  • Always investigate the images online, ratings, and reviews.
  • Know the dates you need and make sure the Airbnb is available.

When you go on vacation, you always want to make sure your housing is a priority. First, you need to go on the Airbnb app or website and look for the location you are traveling to. Next, take a look at prices that will comfortably fit into your budget. The last thing you want to do is spend too much money on just housing. 

This may sound self-explanatory, but always check out the photos of the house or room you are thinking about booking. If you’re expecting a cleaner property and it ends up being not great, then your vacation will already be ruined by not checking what you were booking. 

Next on your radar should be past ratings from other vacationers. Next to the name of the rental is a numerical rating in stars from past users, which is the number in parentheses. Clicking on this will bring you to the listing and all of the ratings. This can help narrow down possibilities, especially if you want a smaller or bigger space, or you need parking options. 

Some Airbnb’s also require you to stay a certain amount of time, so always make sure you are choosing the exact dates you want to reserve the Airbnb for. In my personal experience, we had an issue with Airbnb hosts because they only allowed at least a month-long booking, while we only wanted to stay for a week. This leads to the next step of Airbnbs – communicating.

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What To Do Before You Book (And Immediately After)

  • Ask all pertinent questions before you book (your Airbnb host is there to help).
  • When you book, get a cell number or direct email. If you need to get a hold of the host, this is vital.
  • Remember, if you need help or advice while at the property, contact your host.

If you’ve ever heard the saying “communication is key” then you know where I am going with this. Your host is there to provide you with a living space, and you should always feel comfortable both with them and the place they are providing. On Airbnb, you can message a host before even booking a room or house, so then you can ask all the questions that may be popping up in your head. They are there to answer questions because they want to make you happy with their service. 

If you do end up booking with a host, get their contact information just in case you have questions once you get to the property. I know when I went to an Airbnb we asked the host not only about food left in the pantry (Can we use it? Can we leave it?), but where our parking space was to avoid parking tickets. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your host – it’ll benefit you in the long run. 

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No matter where you decide to go with Airbnb, make sure you remember these Airbnb tips to get the best vacation experience.

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