Colour and Coconuts: Coachella of the health world

The pride of Australia, Colour and Coconuts was created by wellness enthusiast, Lauren Pell. The event includes top musical talent, engaging activities and successful speakers in the wellness industry. Oh, and there will be coconuts present at the events as well.

The major appeal of Colour and Coconuts are the world-class speakers who will not only help your business but also relationships, mindset, health and self-love. The most recent event had former Miss Universe Australia, Lauren Dundovic and brands such as Matcha Maiden. Live DJs and lunchtime workouts set around these talks make for a very empowering and uplifting experience.

The wellness industry as a whole has become a positive self-improving and accepting movement geared around like-minded individuals who all want to improve. Not because they need to but because they have access to events like this that allow them to keep learning and growing together, without judgment.

Future dates are coming soon and we will post them as soon as we know so you can snag your tickets.

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