15 Fears People Have About Traveling Solo (And Reasons Why They Should Go For It Anyway)

traveling solo
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Traveling solo is a big step from family vacations or going with your friends. There is no one directly connected to you while you’re on the trip, and oftentimes this dissuades many people from taking the jump. Others it’s the fear of having to plan everything. Check out our list of possible problems, and ways to overcome them so you can schedule that first solo trip. 

#1. Traveling Solo

Solo person hiking
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#2. The Price To Travel Solo

Expense of solo travel
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#3. Safety Fears

The danger of solo travel
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#4. Going Solo Will Be Boring

Traveling solo will be boring
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#5. No One To Work Through Cultural Or Language Barriers

Solo travel is complicated
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#6, Planning A Solo Vacation Is Too Difficult

Solo travel is too difficulty
Credit: Marten Bjork

#7. Memories Made Alone Are Meaningless

Solo travel isn't the same as traveling with family or friends
Credit: Jon Tyson

#8. Too Many Family Responsibilities

You can't travel solo with family
Credit: Nathan Dumlao

#9. You Just Can’t Eat Alone

Too hard to eat alone
Credit: Ismail Hamzah

#10. Being Alone Will Lead To Homesickness

Be alone will lead to homesickness
Credit: Scott Webb

#11. Age (Too Young/Too Old)

Too young or old to travel solo
Credit: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

#12. Scared Your Career Will Suffer

Taking time out to travel will impact your career
Credit: Scott Graham

#13. Fear Over Health And Wellbeing

Too much of a health risk to travel alone
Credit: Markus Frieauff

#14. Not A Fan Of Strange Cuisine

Unwilling to try new cuisine
Credit: Lily Banse

#15. Simply Don’t Have The Time

Not enough time to solo travel

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