Exploring Wildwood: A Gem on New Jersey’s Coastline

Credit: Kurt GreinerCredit: Credit: Kurt Greiner

Sitting right on the coast of New Jersey, Wildwood is a resort city that draws thousands every year to its wide sandy beaches. Take a trip down the long Wildwood Boardwalk full of shops, eateries, thrill rides, and even a waterpark, or just take a day to lounge in the summer sun. 

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Best Time to Visit

May-October will give you the best weather, while the warmest months are usually July and August

Places to Go and See

Wildwood Beach

Explore five miles of white beaches right when you get to Wildwood. This stretch of sand draws in thousands of visitors every year, and you’re sure to be one of them. Whether you want to lay in the sun, take a boogie board into the water, or just throw a frisbee around, there is no end to the fun.

  • Hours: Sunrise to sunset
  • Best Time: May-August
  • Price: Free

Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Waterparks

Credit: Ethan Hoover

If you’re looking for a location that has everything you could need right on the same grouping of piers, then Morey’s Piers are for you. Enjoy two separate waterparks, several themed hotels, or the amusement park, right in view of the Atlantic Ocean. Founded in 1969, this park has entertained families for decades.

  • Hours: Depends on what waterpark/amusement ride you choose
  • Best Time: May-September
  • Price: Depends on which package you buy

Downtown Wildwood Farmer’s Market

Exploring Wildwood: A Gem on New Jersey's Coastline
Credit: Anne Preble

Celebrating its tenth season of running in 2023, the Downtown Wildwood Farmers Market is held on Saturdays, with sixty-plus vendors each week. Centrally located on Byrne Plaza, the market stretches into several other Avenues as well. Grab some fresh produce grown by local farmers, or pick out pastries or canned items from other vendors. There is no end to what you might find here.

  • Hours: Saturdays 8-12:30
  • Best Time: Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day when it is open
  • Price: Depends on what you buy

Cape May Bird Observatory

Exploring Wildwood: A Gem on New Jersey's Coastline
Credit: Tommy Kwak

Called the “world’s best destination for birding” by National Geographic, Cape May acts as a funnel where dozens of species fly in and out every day. If you’re a bird enthusiast, or just like watching various flocks soar above you, head over to the observatory and learn more about the species that inhabit this space.

  • Hours: Sunrise to sunset, year-round
  • Best Time: Sunny day
  • Price: Free

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Wildwood Boardwalk

Exploring Wildwood: A Gem on New Jersey's Coastline
Credit: Chris Hardy

Stunning visitors for over a hundred years, the Wildwood Boardwalk has a never-ending amount of shops, games, restaurants, and other attractions. Walk around during the day, or watch the boardwalk light up at night. Whichever time of day you decide to visit, you will have lots of fun doing so.

  • Hours: 24 hrs (shops will vary)
  • Best Time: Warm, sunny day
  • Price: Free to walk around

Wildwood Historical Society & Museum

Discover the rich time period of the 1950s and 60s in the city, especially with various musical talents at the Wildwood Historical Society. Whether you take a tour or just walk around various artifacts, you’re sure to leave knowing more about this coastal New Jersey city and its past.

  • Hours: April-Memorial Day Thurs-Sat 10-3; Memorial Day-Labor Day Mon-Sat 10-3; Labor Day-Halloween Thurs-Sat 10-3; Closed November-March
  • Best Time: Anytime they are open; indoors
  • Price: Free

Hidden Gems

Hooked on Books

Credit: Tom Hermans

Indie bookstores are always a treasure trove, and this is also true for Hooked on Books. Whether you’re looking for new titles, children’s books, or backlogged titles, you should be able to find a perfect book to sit down with on the beach.

  • Hours: May & Sept Sun-Thurs 10-5, Fri& Sat 10-8; June 10-8; July-Aug 10-9
  • Best Time: May-September when open
  • Price: Depends on how many books you buy

The Original Fudge Company

Created in 1972, the Original Fudge Company has been making their famous fudge for locals and tourists alike. Made daily in copper kettles, this delicious and creamy fudge is the perfect excuse for eating sweets before a meal.

  • Hours: Open everyday at 9am
  • Best Time: Anytime; indoors
  • Price: Depends on how much fudge you buy

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Exploring Wildwood: A Gem on New Jersey's Coastline

Taking the feeling that art can be presented anywhere literally, artBOX in Wildwood displays work in a variety of shipping containers. From known artists to growing local names, there is a great selection of pieces to view.

  • Hours: Mon-Fri 4-11, Sat & Sun 2-11
  • Best Time: Sunny day
  • Price: Not listed

The Doo Wop Preservation League Museum

Exploring Wildwood: A Gem on New Jersey's Coastline
Credit: Drew Beamer

Take a metaphorical time machine back to the 1950s and 60s in the Doo Wop Museum and learn about the architecture and neon signs that made this time period so special. This museum is a work in progress, so even if you’ve been here before, the museum may have new exhibits for you to check out.

  • Hours: End of June-early September Tu/Th/Sun 4-9:30, Fri & Sat 6-9:30; Spring/Fall Fri & Sat 6-9:30
  • Best Time: Anytime; indoors
  • Price: Free

Cape May Brewing Company

Putting New Jersey on the map of craft beer in 2011, Cape May Brewing offers a range of craft beers for sale in several states, or you can head to their tasting room right in New Jersey. Enjoy learning about their history, or just sit in the Brewtanical Garden and sip on one of their brews.

  • Hours: Daily 11-9
  • Best Time: Sunny day
  • Price: Depends on what you buy

Cape Sea Excursions

If you enjoy setting sail, check out Cape Sea Excursions. Join others to go on a deep sea fishing trip, or watch as dolphins and whales pop up near the boat. There is also a sunset dinner cruise that takes you around Cape May Island. Whichever tour you decide to take, you will have unforgettable fun.

  • Hours: Not listed
  • Best Time: Warm, sunny day
  • Price: Not listed

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Top Restaurants

Boathouse Restaurant

Exploring Wildwood: A Gem on New Jersey's Coastline
Credit: Boathouse

Opened in 1989, the Boathouse is built almost entirely over the water, making it the perfect place to get a panoramic view of the ocean. You can either sit inside or on the outside deck, and choose from fresh seafood or steak while the sun dips under the horizon.

  • Hours: Daily, Lunch 11:30, Dinner from 4pm
  • Featured Food: Scallops Imperial / Blueberry Balsamic Glazed Salmon
  • Featured Drink: Boathouse Breezer / Capsizer

Dogtooth Bar & Grill

A favorite of both tourists and locals, Dogtooth features a variety of locally sourced ingredients made into delicious meals certain to fill you up. Take a trip over and enjoy the best Wildwood has to offer, or just have a drink at the bar.

  • Hours: Mon-Thurs 11-11, Fri-Sun 11-11:30
  • Featured Food: Dogtooth Seafood Carbonara / Dogtooth Barramundi
  • Featured Drink: Dogtooth Iced Tea / Dog’s Best Friend

Urie’s Waterfront Restaurant

Opened in 1956 by three brothers seeing potential in the coastal town after World War II, Urie’s will certainly keep you coming back for more. Enjoy the waterfront deck and immerse yourself in the sounds of the ocean waves, or have a drink and enjoy the tropical flavors presented in both food and drink.

  • Hours: Lunch from 11:30am, Dinner from 4pm
  • Featured Food: Garlic Blue Crabs / Fresh Jersey Flounder
  • Featured Drink: Orange Crush / Ghost Margarita

Marvis Diner

Head on over to Wildwood’s favorite diner with excellent breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. A staple of locals and tourists, Marvis continues to improve their atmosphere to only serve you the best food possible.

  • Hours: Mon-Thurs 7am-2pm, Fri-Sun 7am-9pm
  • Featured Food: Pork Roll & Cheese / Cowboy Wrap

Alfe’s Restaurant

Exploring Wildwood: A Gem on New Jersey's Coastline
Credit: ameenfahmy

If you’re looking for Italian food, head over to Alfe’s restaurant who’s been serving its guests for over thirty years. With four different dining rooms and two bars, there is definitely a space where you can enjoy yourself with whoever you’re with.

  • Hours: Summer daily 4pm-12am; Winter Sun-Thurs 4-11, Fri & Sat 4pm-12am
  • Featured Food: Lobster Fra Diablo / Chicken Rose
  • Featured Drink: The Frenchie / Watermelon Jolly Rancher

Doo Wop Diner

Blast from the past? That is exactly what Doo Wop Diner is doing in Wildwood, and all ages can enjoy this fun diner. With quick service, affordable prices, and lots of memorabilia, this restaurant will keep you entertained throughout your meal.

  • Hours: Mon-Sun 8am-11:30pm
  • Featured Food: 50’s Ultimate Dog / Route 66 Burger
  • Featured Drink: Handspun milkshakes and malts

Top Hotels

Wildwood Inn Hotel

  • ~$100/night
  • Featured Amenities: Free WiFi, Free Breakfast, Outdoor Pool, In-House Restaurant, Air Conditioning, Tennis
  • Hotel Information: Check in 3pm, Check out 11am, Free Parking

Aztec Motel

  • ~$150/night
  • Featured Amenities: Free WiFi, Outdoor Pool, Golf, Refrigerator, Air Conditioning, Microwave
  • Hotel Information: Check in 3pm, Check out 11am, Free Parking

Blue Palms

  • ~$200/night
  • Featured Amenities: Free WiFi, Free Breakfast, Outdoor Pool, In-House Restaurant, Air-conditioning, Outdoor Fire Pit
  • Hotel Information: Check in 3pm, Check out 11am, Free Parking

Starlux Hotel

  • ~$250/night
  • Featured Amenities: Free WiFi, Free Breakfast, Outdoor Pool, Hot Tub, Kitchen, In-House Restaurant
  • Hotel Information: Check in 3pm, Check out 11am, Free Parking

Whether you just want to lounge on the beach or take a ride down a rollercoaster, there is a never-ending amount of attractions and food at Wildwood.

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