The Caravel Restaurant

caravel restaurant

My wife and I went to Caravel Restaurant based on the great reviews since I was jonesing for a good fish taco, and wow did this place deliver!

These bad boys are served three to an order and are mouthwatering perfection. The fish is light and flaky and nested in an almost pastry puff-like shell full of fresh veggies that all melts in your mouth like a little piece of heaven. My wife doesn’t even like fish tacos and our eyes were both goggling out of our heads at the taste! We were only disappointed we didn’t have room to eat more!

Bonus play at the Caravel Restaurant – if you like hot sauce, definitely top your fish tacos (or anything, really) off with the Matouk’s Hot Sauce from Trinidad – we had to buy a bottle to take home with us.

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Another plus – this place is actually affordable; the fish tacos are $18! On Turks, that qualifies as Taco Bell pricing, so give your wallet a rest one night and head to The Caravel Restaurant. The people are nice, the service is friendly and it definitely has more of a local vibe. It was dead when we went since the place is a bit off the more heavily trafficked strip, but we would heartily recommend the trip. It’s an easy walk from anyone located from the Alexandra Resort on up to Seven Stars.

If your reservation at The Caravel Restaurant is at 7:30pm, we’d recommend stopping in at Via Veneto on your way for a happy hour drink or two. They have a two for one wine special until 7pm, and while the wine is not cheap ($17 a glass or $8.50 during happy hour), it is actually very good wine and a nice way to kick things off. See separate review for Via Veneto – don’t want to mix reviews here, but it also is a place you should check out when you need a change of pace from the seafood parade on T&C.

Back to The Caravel Restaurant – if it wasn’t clear before… order the fish tacos!

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