Talk to Your Sommelier. She Won’t bite.

Talk to Your Sommelier. She Won't bite.

So many people struggle when talking to a sommelier. They clam up and offer one-word answers, afraid they’re going to sound amateur.

But remember — if you were a pro, you’d be the somm. So drop your inhibitions. Sommeliers these days are young and fun, and they want you talk to them. Their job is to help you pick the perfect bottle. So the more you speak, the better the chances.

Listen below on how to do just that.

I also did a column for recently that lists a bunch of great reminders.

  • Offer up Your Favorite Bottle as a Starting Point
  • Let Them Know What You’re Eating 
  • Point to a Price
  • Be Open to Suggestions

For the details on those great tips click here.

But just know that you should never be embarrassed to ask questions or ask for a taste of something, especially the wines that are offered by the glass.  Sommeliers are more than happy to pour a little taste and let you try it. The idea is to make you happy so you order more — so tasting before you order helps.

And in that case, I often ask for two different samples. Maybe I’m being a pain, but I like having a basis of comparison.

Wine lists are so fun and eclectic these days, so I make sure I try something new every time I go out.  But in that case, I have no choice but to rely on the sommelier to help me.


And you know I would love to hear your thoughts on this, the wines you are drinking or anything else…so send a quick note! 

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