20 Best Wings in NYC

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If you are craving the best wings in New York City, don’t worry, there are amazing restaurants all over the city to choose from. We have a list of 20 places to get the best wings in NYC. 

1. Dan & John’s Wings 

Dan and John are two friends from Buffalo and love making wings. They started making wings in Dan’s Brooklyn apartment to satisfy their needs during Bills games. They have five different locations across New York City.

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2.  International Wings Factory 

If you are indecisive about where to eat, try International Wings Factory. You can choose from bone-in or boneless wings that can be prepared in three styles: regular, extra crispy, or extra-extra crispy. There are many sauces to choose from once you pick your style. If you are still undecided, you can ask about the most popular option and be surprised. 

3. Blondies Sports 

This is a gem restaurant to find great wings that keep regulars coming back. For those who love spicy things, Blondie’s sauces come in three extra hot flavors: scorching, sizzling, and ouch are guaranteed to kick things up in your mouth. 

4. Koko Wings & Cajun Seafood 

20 Best Wings in NYC
Credit – Koko Wings

Koko wings provide impossibly good chicken that will have you back time and time again for more. They have different sauces that are made with the highest shelf of ingredients. You will want to share this place with all your friends and family to enjoy. 

5. Mudville9 

Mudville has been serving in New York City since 1977. They make everything from scratch only, giving you the freshest ingredients. Highly recommend eating here for their menu and drinks. They strive to best serve their guest’s needs in any way they can. 

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6. Madame Vo 

You will not be disappointed with Madame Vo’s menu. They have sharable appetizers like stir-fried noodles, bowls of pho, and fried squid with avocado sauce. Their star item on the menu is their chicken wings seasoned with a sweet-meets-savory garlic fish sauce. 

7. Pelicana Chicken

Pelicana Chicken is a small storefront place, but they got the best Korean-style wings that are worth it. They got a signature sauce that will have you licking your fingers after finishing each wing. They have nine locations across NYC; there is probably a chance you have one close to you. 

8. Bonnie’s Grill 

Bonnies are loaded with your favorite bar foods, from ribs, onion rings, and their famous wings. They do plain old Buffalo or BBQ chicken wings that are cooked to perfection. You can choose between dining in, take-out, or delivery.

9. Amy Ruth’s 

20 Best Wings in NYC
Credit – Amy Ruth’s Instagram

Amy Ruth’s is a place you will want to go for your favorite comfort food. Try their famous waffles topped with crispy fried chicken wings if you want something to order. Amy’s cooking style is a southern homestyle cuisine prepared with love and care. 

10. Bar Goto 

Bar Goto’s menu might be small, but it is mighty. They have Japanese-inspired plates, like their miso chicken wings, smothered in a spicy layer topped with chives and sesame seeds. Bar Goto is open for dining in only. 

11. Berber Street Food 

There is plenty of things to order off the Berber Street Food menu, but their wings are one of the unique hidden dishes. You can get wings that are grilled and seasoned with tangy pineapple salsa. 

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12. Jeju Noodle Bar 

Jeju Noodle Bar is an upscale Korean ramen restaurant.  The menu includes their noodles and their fried chicken wings. It might be an upscale restaurant, but these dry-rubbed wings fit perfectly into their upscale dining theme.

13. Blackbirds

20 Best Wings in NYC
Credit – Blackbird

Blackbird is a local favorite for its above-average bar food. They have five different flavors to choose from that can smother your wings. They come in honey BBQ, mild, medium, hot, or nuclear. On Thursday, they have a special menu with different sauces like maple chipotle, sweet chili, Caribbean jerk rub, and peanut butter sesame. 

14. Blue Smoke 

Blue Smoke wings are unique and something you should try. They serve jumbo fried chicken wings seasoned with mayo and barbecue sauce. Also on the menu are the classic chipotle chicken wings, and the more unique ones are the Alabama white wings. 

15. Little Mo

On Little Mo’s menu, “Mo Wangs” is a must-order for your meal. They are glazed with garlic fish sauce that gives just the right sweet and salty balance you want. It is a local favorite that provides a laid-back atmosphere, and the food is affordable. 

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16. Hometown Barbecue 

Unsurprisingly, a place that cooks the best barbecue restaurant cooks impressive wings. They aren’t just wing pieces they serve you. It is served whole, in a Vietnamese style. Choices of dining-in, takeout, and delivery are options for how you choose to eat at Hometown Barbecue

17. Wogie’s Bar and Grill 

20 Best Wings in NYC
Credit – Wogies

No one knows how Wogies “Krazy Kate’s wings” are made since it is a secret family recipe. You can choose the different sauces: buffalo, barbeque, or mustard. If you prefer dry-rub wings, you can get them in garlic, parmesan, or salt and pepper.  

18. Lolo’s Seafood Shack 

There is more than just seafood at Lolo’s Seafood Shack. Their smoked wings are the number one requested food on the menu. They are tossed in a sweet glaze drizzled with garlic and sesame seeds. 

19. Chicken Insider 

Chicken Insiders give you incredibly huge wings. You can try their sauces which are the chef’s homemade selection. Choose to dine-in, take-out, or no-contact delivery.

20. Mad for Chicken Chelsea 

Mad for Chicken Chelsea has unique Korean-inspired dishes. Best known for its signature garlic chicken, which has been flapping since 2005. They take pride in their signature chicken, which is cooked to perfection. 

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