6 Best Smelling Body Washes For A Multisensory Shower Experience

Best Smelling Body Washes
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Whether you shower to start your day or unwind before bed, most of us will agree that showering is more than a mundane task.

The warm stream of water is like a gentle massage, the steamy air is invigorating, and for a lot of people (we’re looking at you, moms), it’s the only time in which you get a little peace and quiet.

So, it makes sense you want to optimize your shower with products that leave you feeling refreshed, and if you ask us, body wash may be one of the most overlooked aspects of a beauty routine.

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Not only will a good body wash cleanse and moisturize your skin, but a good-smelling body wash can turn your shower into a multisensory experience. Not to mention, we often feel cleaner when our body smells clean.

It’s a mental trick, and according to researchers, clean has no one distinct smell but is more of a personal preference based strongly on individual memories. So, whether you prefer something that’s fresh, powdery, floral, or tropical, ahead are some of the best smelling body washes for a sensational shower.

caress best smelling body washes

Caress Tahitian Renewal Pomegranate & Coconut Milk Exfoliating Body Wash ($6; walmart.com)

Caress is perhaps most known for its scents. With some of the best-smelling body washes on the market, this particular product smells like paradise. It combines notes of Tahitian pomegranate with coconut milk for a tropical lather that effectively washes away dirt without stripping skin of essential moisture. Oh, and you can’t beat that price!

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cremo best selling body washes

Cremo All Season Blue Cedar & Cypress Body Wash ($18 for 2-pack; amazon.com)

“The best smelling shower product ever,” reads one of nearly 13,000 rave reviews on Amazon. This unisex body wash is infused with scents of cedar, cypress, and lemon peel for a crisp finish. As it lathers, the richness of each note evolves, and although the in-shower aroma is strong, the scent that lingers on your skin is pleasantly subtle.

dove best smelling body washes

Dove Purely Pampering Coconut Milk and Jasmine Petals Body Wash ($21 for 2-pack; walmart.com)

This fragrant body wash has an ultra-creamy lather that hydrates while it cleanses the skin. The musky floral aroma of jasmine balances out the sweet smell of coconut for a beautifully balanced powdery scent that lasts for hours.

davines best smelling body wash

Davines OI Body Wash ($26; amazon.com)

If you prefer a stronger scent, this body wash is for you. Reminiscent of European parfum, it has an invigorating and spicy fragrance that’s courtesy of the main ingredient, Roucou oil. Plus, it has a luxurious foaming lather that results in silky-soft skin and a lasting clean smell. “I wish they made a cologne spray of out it,” said one reviewer.

native best smelling body washes

Native Oat Milk Latte Body Wash ($13; native.com)

If you’re looking for something a little more decadent, you’ll love the warm and creamy scent this body wash provides. With a blend of clove, chocolate, sandalwood, and coconut oil, it smells good enough to eat — or, in this case, drink — and with ingredients this clean, you could almost get away with it (though not recommended).

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method best smelling body washes

Method Wind Down Body Wash ($8; target.com)

Method body washes are specially made to match your mood, or rather to enhance it, with fragrance blends that energize and calm. We particularly like the Wind Down scent, which is infused with chamomile, starflower, and blue lavender — the perfect combo for nighttime shower takers who are looking to relax before bed.

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