Ice Cubes Are Your Secret Weapon To Better Skin

Face Icing

Do you find yourself placing your face masks in the refrigerator so that they are nice and cool when you apply them? If so, then you are already making use of a popular trend called face icing. Also known as “skin icing,” the technique has been used by spas for several years. The popular cryotherapy treatment exposes the skin to extremely cold temperatures over the course of several minutes to help destroy fat cells, get rid of spider veins, and reduce swelling of the face. Other benefits of face icing include blemish control, depuffing the eye area, exfoliation, and soothing aggravated red skin.

Luckily, you don’t have to go to a spa to reap the benefits of the skin icing method. As demonstrated by the growing trend on social media, you can ice your skin in the comfort of your own home. First thing in the morning, simply take an ice cube out of the refrigerator and glide it over your face, underneath your eyes, and down your neck. (You can also use a face rolling tool that has been kept in the freezer or a trendy ice roller ball for a similar effect.) The result? Blood will start to rise to the surface of your skin, giving you a rosy glow while tightening, depuffing, and soothing. Not to mention it’s like a refreshing wake-up call.

Interested in giving it a try? Read on to learn more about the skin benefits of the face icing trend.

The Benefits of Face Icing


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Provides an instant glow

Is your glow a no-show? If so, then skin icing is for you. The cold compress instantly improves circulation in the skin and brings blood to the cheeks for a healthy flush. Because the chilliness constricts blood vessels, it also helps decrease puffiness, thereby revealing your lit-from-within radiance.

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Reduces inflammation

Often you will see athletes sitting in ice baths. Ever wonder why? It’s because their bodies go through extreme trauma on the daily, and by sitting in an ice bath, they are reducing the inflammation to aid in quicker recovery times. Face icing has a similar effect on your skin. If you have an inflammatory skin condition, such as eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis or cystic acne, icing your skin can help reduce irritation and redness.

Depuffs under-eye bags

Applying ice cubes under the eyes encourages the drainage of excess fluid to reduce swelling and shrinks dilated blood vessels to reduce dark shadows.

Sculpts the face

Massaging ice over the face can help temporarily tighten and firm the skin, giving you a more contoured appearance. Start by working an ice cube from the chin up the jawline, then in the same direction following the contours of your cheeks. This technique may also lessen the look of wrinkles when done over forehead and around the eyes.

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Lessens the look of pores

While there is technically nothing you can do to shrink the size of your pores, skin icing causes pores to constrict and therefore temporarily minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores. It may also help to unclog pores that appear larger due to debris and excess sebum for an overall smoother surface appearance.

Gently exfoliates

On that note, face icing has been shown to provide some light exfoliation. The cooling treatment helps detach the outer layer of dead skin cells, revealing the fresh layer underneath, and stimulates the production of new, healthy cells.

Tames angry blemishes

If you suffer from cystic acne, then you know that your skin often looks red and angry. By using the skin icing method, you are not only soothing the inflammation that causes swelling, redness, and pain, but you are also helping to unclog pores and clear out blemishes. After a few minutes of face icing, explosive-looking zits will appear a lot less noticeable.

Soothes sunburns

Applying ice is a great way to treat sunburns, as the chilliness provides instant relief to tender areas while also working to reduce the redness and inflammation caused by sun exposure.

Improves absorption of skincare products

As if that’s not enough to prove the potential of face icing, the technique can also enhance the efficacy of the skincare products in your regimen. Rubbing ice over your skin before and/or after applying serums or masks causes the capillaries in the skin to restrict and creates a pulling effect that helps ingredients penetrate deeper.

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Tips for face icing

When using the skin icing method, you want to make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed and that the ice you are using comes from a clean source. You may also want to apply a moisturizer first to create a protective barrier or consider wrapping the ice in a thin cloth or gauze. Whatever you choose, do not leave the ice on any particular area of your face for too long as this could exacerbate irritation; instead use gentle, continuous motions when skin icing.

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