Eva Mendes Shares Shocking Photo Of ‘Torturous’ Skincare Treatment Known As Mono-Threading

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Celebrities are known to try some crazy skincare treatments, and they often share their experiences with fans. Remember when Kim Kardashian got the “vampire facial” or when Cate Blanchett raved about what she calls the “penis facial”? The latest treatment being talked about in the celeb circle is known as mono-threads, and actress Eva Mendes called the procedure “torture” after trying it herself. 

To clarify, though, it seems Mendes is a huge fan of mono-threading and was simply being sarcastic. In a recent Instagram post, she shared a photo of herself receiving the treatment at Mariana Vergara Hofstetter’s new spa. “This spa-home away from home is incredible,” wrote Mendes. This is my go to for all things beauty. A home where you can relax while being tortured by the best of the best. Here I am getting mono-threads.”

The image shows Mendes with seven large threads inserted into her neck, just below her jawline. “I'm in pain just looking at this picture!” commented one follower, summing up how most of us feel about the post. But beauty is pain, right? Well, not so fast. Maybe not…

When a fan commented, asking Mendes if the treatment hurts, she replied, “Not really. Surprisingly enough! And my threshold for pain is low! It looks more invasive than it is.”

So, what exactly are mono-threads, and why is everyone talking about them? Mono-threads are essentially a non-surgical alternative for skin lifting and tightening. They are made from a dissolving material called polydioxanone and woven through the subdermal layer of skin in a mesh-like pattern; overtime, the polydioxanone is dissolved as your body breaks down the threads and replaces them with new collagen. 

“[Mono-threading] contracts fat tissue to result in instant skin tightening, and it promotes collagen production and neovascularization to renew your skin at the cellular level,” explained a Biosun Threads rep in the comment section of Mendes’s post. “All of this works together to give you enhanced skin texture, fewer fine lines and wrinkles, and more elastic skin.”

Skin experts liken the treatment to a non-surgical facelift, typically using it to lift and define the neck, jawline, and nasolabial folds. Clinical studies show that with the right techniques, along with the correct layering of threads, mono-threading shows positive results, “causing fat tissue contraction, strengthening the fibrous connective tissue and improving dermal environment.”

And because mono-threading is less invasive than a surgical facelift, the procedure does not require general anesthesia (numbing cream is used instead) and there is less downtime. It isn’t nearly as expensive, either. The only caveat: While the collagen boost is a long-term benefit—think smoother, plumper, more supple skin—the lifting effect is temporary, lasting anywhere from one to two years.

Still, if Eva Mendes is any indication of the results from mono-threading, consider me sold. I mean, just look at her jawline! 

Mono-threads can also be used on the decolletage and other areas of the body, including the butt and thighs for cellulite treatment. Some experts claim it can help lessen the look of acne scarring, too, by improving the skin texture. In any case, results are most noticeable after six to eight weeks, and the procedure will cost around $2,250, depending on the area being treated and how many threads are used. As with all cosmetic procedures, invasive or non-invasive, do your research and only go to a board-certified professional.

If you aren’t squeamish, check out a video of mono-threads being inserted below.

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