Clear Magnetic Eyeliner: Everything You Need to Know

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We get it … it sounds crazy. Why in the world would you want a clear magnetic eyeliner if you can’t see it? Most of us are used to colorful liners that give our eyes pop and definition. But a growing trend has been happening where people are starting to shift towards a more minimalist form of makeup, which means natural-looking fake lashes are where its at. 

Why Clear Magnetic Eyeliner?

Before we get into which brands are the best, let’s take a look at what makes the clear magnetic liner fabulous in the first place. First of all, what makes magnetic eyeliner magnetic? Well, it is iron oxide, which is metal and provides the magnetic force for lashes to stick to it.

What is interesting is that iron oxide isn’t actually clear, it’s black. Now, this may give you pause, but let us explain. A lot of people didn’t feel comfortable putting metal on their eyes, some even had allergic reactions to it. So makeup companies got to work and researched a way to not only make the eyeliner invisible, but it also does not contain iron oxide. What is really wonderful about this glue and metal free option is that it is better for your eyes and your real eyelashes. 

How the clear magnetic eyeliner works is that it is formulated to work with lashes that are specifically set up to cling to it with a nano-like grip. The bond happens when you press the lashes to the clear band of eyeliner that you have applied.

How to Apply Clear Magnetic Eyeliner?

Specifically, when starting out, you will want to work each lash individually. You will trace the outline of your eye with the clear magnetic eyeliner and immediately apply the lashes that you chose. You will find that there is no dry time, stickiness or mess included at all. Tell us that isn’t a relief!

Most magnetic lashes come with a little tool that, once applied, you will use to press the lashes into place. This allows your false lashes to blend perfectly with your real lashes. These lashes will stay secure the entire day. 

So, what are the best lash extensions to use along with your liquid liner? First, there are baby lashes. These lashes are used to accent the outer corner of your eye for a little lift that is barely noticeable.

Next, you have your full-length lashes, which done correctly, will blend beautifully with your natural lashes and provide you with a full lash line with lots of dimension. Then, we have the lashes that are naturally tapered. These are great if you want a lash that will mimic your own. It provides your natural lashes with a little volume and lift, but isn’t over the top. 

Care for Your Lashes

Our best advice that we always give no matter what type of lash products you use is to take care of your natural lashes when you aren’t using the products. A little trick you can use is to remove my eye makeup with organic coconut oil. This helps you to remove any product effortlessly and nourishes the skin surrounding the eyes.

Then use eye cream and rub a vitamin E serum to your lashes. This way, no matter what you do or the products you use, your lashes and the skin around your eyes are always protected. This will help you in the long run, not only with the aging process that happens to the eyes as we get older, but you will find that your lashes don’t fall out as much, or that they are now growing longer and fuller than before.

Best of luck on your lash journey!

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