The Best Pizza in Brooklyn: 20 Places with an Amazing Pie

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The best pizza in Brooklyn is a coveted crown, divisive amongst foodies, and a genuine rivalry between pizzerias. As big pizza fans, this is our Brooklyn top-20:

20. Giuspina’s

Giuseppina’s occupies a retro space in Sunset Park that offers snug indoor seating and a scattering of seasonal tables on the terrace. The pizza menu is short and sweet, with topping choices. This is a cash-only restaurant so remember to stock your wallet before you arrive.  It is a bit on the pricy side, with pizza’s starting at $26 – but they sure are tasty.

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19. Paulie Gee’s

Paulie Gee crafts some of the best pizzas in Brooklyn if looking for kooky ingredients you rarely see on a pie. Their unique pizzas are paired with an exceptional dining room that feels more like a Midwest saloon than a pizza joint. Pizza price starts at $16 each. 

18. Di Fara Pizza 

The Best Pizza in Brooklyn: 20 Places with an Amazing Pie
Credit – Di Fara Photo

Di Fara established its kitchen and counter in 1964 after Domenico De Marco uprooted from the Province of Caserta and settled in Brooklyn. The slice or the pie serves pizza as regular or square, and the option to add toppings of your choosing. A typical slice of pizza starts at just $5. 

17. Speedy Romeo

Speedy Romeo pizzas are cooked in a hardwood-fired Italian pizza oven with other plates on a wood grill. While the pizza list is humble, they are all delicious and come with the option to customize further with toppings. The interiors retain a gritty yet charming vibe while showing the previous life and history of the restaurant. Pizza prices start at $17 each.

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16. Emily 

Emily’s is a chill spot to top for a quick lunch. It offers a top-notch restaurant in the evening when they add music and candles to set the mood. Many pizza toppings are on the menu, like garlic, herbs, and Italian cheeses and sausages. The price of a pizza starts at $17.

15. Table 87 

The Best Pizza in Brooklyn: 20 Places with an Amazing Pie
Credit – Ta le 87 Photo

Table 87 combines the best Italian and North American pizza heritage using their coal oven. Space is limited, but if you score a table, you will see the bustling brickwork dining area with a fantastic atmosphere. The price for pizza starts at $13 each. 

14. Dellarocco’s Brick Ov n Pizza 

Dellarocco’s in Brooklyn Heights delivers traditional pizza, using a wood brick oven to produce a crispy pizza you will definitely love. The actual restaurant is airy and modern, with a bar as its centerpiece. The price of a pizza starts at $11 each.

13. Barboncino Pizza 

Barboncino Pizza is a friendly eatery specializing in Neapolitan pizzas prepared in a wood-burning oven. The owner and head chef spent six summers learning the art of pizza making in Italy. The price for a pizza starts at $14 each. 

12. Surf City 

Surf City Pizzeria is an excellent option if you’re in Coney Island. The vibe is also super laid-back, making this an easy place to go after a long beach day. The price for pizza starts at $20. 

11. L&B Spumoni Gardens 

The Best Pizza in Brooklyn: 20 Places with an Amazing Pie

L&B Spumoni Gardens is known for its Sicilian-style square pizzas. The cooking method is unique because the cheese is placed beneath the sauce. The price of a pizza slice starts a $4 each. 

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10. Saraghina Pizzeria

Saraghina’s pizzas are generously adorned with buffalo milk mozzarella, Parmacotto ham, olives, and fragrant herbs. Any pizzas on their menu can be made gluten-free or vegan for a small additional fee. The price of a pizza starts at $17 e ch. 

9. Lucali 

Looking for a romantic spot for pizza in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens, take an outing around the block to Lucali. The pizza is baked using a traditional brick oven to produce an authentic Italian taste. Add on the exquisite ingredients and sublimely hand-crafted dough. The price of a pizza is between $11 and $30

8. F&F Pizzeria

F&F Pizzeria features flavorful ingredients that form the basis of its New York-style pizza. Browse through the pizzas on the counter before ordering a slice to gobble up on the sidewalk. There are so many different options to choose from. The price for a pie of pizza starts at $29 each. 

7. Emmy Squared 

The Best Pizza in Brooklyn: 20 Places with an Amazing Pie
Cr dit – Em y Squared Photo

Emmy Squared specializes in Detroit-style pizza. The slices are rectangular-shaped and come with a thick crust that is perfectly crispy. The pizza price starts at $18 each.

6. Motorino 

Motorino pizzas mostly contain anchovies. If you love anchovies, then this pizza spot is just for you. This pizzeria is your one-stop shop for the best pizza in Brooklyn that is Neapolitan-style. The price for a pizza pie starts at $14 each. 

5. Joe’s Pizza

Joe’s Pizza was founded in 1975 by Joe Pozzuoli, a Neapolitan born and bred. They combine Neapolitan and Big Apple techniques, crispy on the bottom with lots of tomato sauce and a foldable crust with grease oozing. The price for a pizza pie starts at $21 each. 

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4. Roberta’s 

Roberta’s has an edgy interior and an atmospheric terrace complete with a tiki bar, making this one of the most fantastic places to eat one of the best pizzas in Brooklyn. The kitchen is open, so you can watch your pizza order come to life right in front of your eyes. The price for pizza starts at $16. 

3. Ignazio’s

The Best Pizza in Brooklyn: 20 Places with an Amazing Pie
Credit- Ignaz o’s Gallary

Ignazio’s dishes up delicious, paper-thin pizzas at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. Order the home pizza kit delivered to your door and try your hand at pizza-making while enjoying one of the top pizzas in Brooklyn. The price for pizza starts at $25. 

2. Julianna’s

Chef Grimaldi retired in 2012 to open a 2.0 version of Grimaldi’s. Julianna’s is located right next door to Grimaldi’s. The pizza menu is compact; it perfectly captures the most delicate Italian flavors. The pie prices are between $14 and $25. 

1. Grimaldi’s

All pizzas at Grimaldi’s start their life with a fiercely protected secret recipe that helps create the best pizza in Brooklyn. The open kitchen lets you watch your pizza prepped and tossed in the air for a quick spin before being flung into their iconic coal-burning ovens. The pizzas typically cost between $9.50 and $17.50 each.

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