15 Best Nut Butters for Keto Diet


Looking for the top-rated and most recommended brands to satiate your tastebuds while on your low-carb diet? We’ve got you covered, these are the best nut butters for keto diets:

1. Perfect Keto Nut Butter Bars, $40+

The Perfect Keto nut butter range is all peanut-free and has low net carbs. There are different flavor options: chocolate hazelnut, almond butter, and snickerdoodle. This nut butter is gluten-free, dairy-free, and keto friendly.

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2. Superfat Keto Nut Butter, $15+

Superfat nut butter is a good choice for people wanting to have only a few ingredients. They used certified Non-GMO ingredients, no added sugars, and no palm oil. They have a ton of tasty flavors to choose from.  

3. Onnit Fatbutter, $21+

Onnit fat butter products are a great choice for people wanting a peanut-tasting keto nut butter alternative. They were able to achieve this by blending cashew, hemp seed, chia seed, macadamia, and coconut butter.

4. Performance Nut Butter, $19+

Performance Nut Butter is named after its only product. This nut butter only contains four ingredients but it does have a small amount of sugar. They are available in individual packs for on-the-go snacking and portion control. 

5. Guidry Organic Farms Pecan Butter, $19+

Guidry Organic Farms is a Louisiana-based and family-owned company. They are committed to bringing people natural, organic foods that are raised without any chemicals or pesticides. Has two ingredients which are pecans and sea salt.

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6. FBOMB Nut Butter, $21+

FBOMB is founded by husband and wife, Ross and Kara. Their website offers a lot of different resources for those interested in the keto lifestyle. They have a wide variety of flavors: coconut and macadamia, macadamia and pecan, macadamia and sea salt, and salted chocolate and macadamia.

7. Noosh Keto Almond Butter, $24+

Noosh was created by Marine Sahatjian who wanted to create a healthy snack for her kids. It is packed individually for snacking on the go and portion control. This keto almond butter is a birthday cake flavor. 

8. Binnie’s Coconut Butter

Lindsay Binnie the founder of Bonnie’s Coconut Butter, and like many mothers, wanted to find a way for her kids to eat healthily. It is available in several flavors, including pumpkin spice, very vanilla, dark chocolate and sea salt, cinnamon, sweet maple, and coffee macaroon.

9. Phat Fudge 

Phat Fudge was started in 2014 by Chef Mary when she cooked her first batch and sold out every week she made some. They are now located in over 30 retail stores, including Whole Foods. They offer several flavors and even have a limited line of apparel.

10. Nuttzo, $14+

If you are looking for nut butter that isn’t too sweet but satisfies the cravings for a wholesome, healthy snack, Nuttzo is for you. They have three different flavors available in the crunchy and smooth options: original, power fuel with chia, and Peruvian dark chocolate.

Best Nut Butters For Keto Diet
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11. Artisana, $14+

Artisana keto nut butter consists of only one ingredient which is unroasted almonds. It’s such a fresh flavor, it’s a perfect choice if you are craving almonds. The surprise is that it doesn’t have any sea salt added. Sea salt is usually what adds the flavor, but reviewers have said the taste without it is still delicious.

12. Pic’s Peanut Butter, $26+

This is a special kind of peanut butter Pic Peanut Butter uses Australian hi-oleic peanuts. Hi-oleic peanuts contain more natural oils, that help the flavor while it ensures that the peanut butter stays fresh a little longer.

13. Legendary Foods, $10+

My Aunt loves peanut butter and this nut butter definitely hits all the notes without the added sugar. She always has 3 jars of Legendary peanut butter. It is great for a late-night snack when you’re not wanting to have something too heavy.

14. Georgia Grinders, $31+

Sweet pecan butter is fresh and creamy and contains two ingredients: roasted pecans and sea salt. Georgia Grinders definitely have heaven in a jar, and you can’t go wrong.

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15. Nutiva Coconut Manna, $20+

If you are looking for something sweet and filling, Nutiva is the nut butter for you. I know my list only has two coconut nut butter, but it is for good reason that the two I provided are the best. I would advise keeping it at room temperature, so it can stay smooth and creamy for when you’re wanting it.

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