10 Amazing Pickup Truck Campers From $15,000 To $1.5-Million

Pickup truck campers
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From cost-effective pickup truck campers to fully customizable, and extreme luxury.

Whatever you’re looking for, even if it is just inspiration on a custom build, these 10 amazing pickup truck campers will blow you away.


  • If you are looking for a pickup truck camper project the Museroamer might be worth checking out (the video series is above).
  • The Museroamer is the best possible specification on a $30,000 budget, not including labor or the chassis underneath.
  • Created by Andrew Muse, a multi-sport athlete, the Museroamer is based on the 2004 ford F-550.
  • The build includes a custom wooden shell and a shu sugi ban ceiling, stainless steel appliances, and raw slab countertops.

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Travel Lite – Super Lite

  • This pickup truck camper can fit any mid-size or long bed trunk, including a Toyota Tacoma, Dodge Dakota, Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Colorado, and more.
  • It costs around $15,000 depending on floorplan and fixtures. Seven floorplans are available on the Superlite.
  • The inside body consists of solid wood construction and includes a freshwater tank of 9-15 gallons (again depending on floorplan).
  • The Travel Lite brand has been at the top of its industry for over 20-years. So you can buy with confidence.

Earthroamer LTi

  • If the words “vacuum and fused carbon fiber monocoque construction” gets you excited, add the LTi to your wishlist.
  • The LTi is based on an F-550 4WD chassis. With a 330HP 6.7 turbo diesel engine and a carbon-fiber body.
  • Earthroamer is the global leader in luxury expedition vehicles, and at $600,000 you should expect it to be the best on market (and it probably is)

Lance Altimeter

  • The Lance Altimeter is based on a Ford 350 with a 6.7 Litre Powerstroke eight diesel engine.
  • Amazingly, this pickup truck camper has enough room for four people at the back and is still packed with amenities.
  • It includes a kitchen, bathroom, up to 30 gallons of fresh water. Plus it comes fitted with a TV, DVD, Bluetooth, stereo speakers, and LED lighting.
  • The best part is that all of this comes with a price tag of just $39,875.

Four-Wheel Pop Up Campers

  • If you’re looking for a quick camper solution for your truck, Four-Wheel Pop Up has you covered.
  • With nine models available, each with a pop-up roof and suitable for a flatbed, topper, or slide-in trucks. The one requirement is that your truck’s bed is 5ft 8″.
  • Each pickup truck camper is made from an aluminum frame and shell. Costing between $12,000 and $30,000.

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Lance 850

  • The Lance 850 is 8ft 11″ in length and according to its marketing, fits all pickup trucks.
  • This camper includes a full gully kitchen, fiberglass bath, ladder, roof tank and has enough space for five people.
  • The Lance 850 costs $39,283.


  • The Kimbo is a sturdy truck made up of an aluminum body, and suitable for two people. Plus, it has brushed fabric on the inside and LED lighting.
  • The Kimbo X series doesn’t come with a kitchen module or a shower. However, if someone wants to install it, they can get them by paying an extra $1,900.
  • This pickup truck camper costs $19,999.

Earthroamer XV HD

  • Built on the Ford F-350 4WD, and it includes a vacuum infused composite body.
  • This $1.7-million pickup truck camper includes a unique hydraulic leveling system and can accommodate four people with ease.
  • The Earthroamer XV HD also has advanced connectivity, a 2.1-kilowatt solar panel, and so much more (as it should for the price).

Arctic Fox Camper 990

  • The Arctic Fox Camper 990 is manufactured by Northwood and comes complete with an ergonomic wet bath, a queen bed, and a booth dinette.
  • It can accommodate up to four people, plus a 20W solar panel and a rear electric awning.
  • This pickup truck camper costs $31,758.

Earth Cruiser MOD

  • MOD is the abbreviation for My Own Design. This means the Earth Cruiser is a fully customizable pickup truck for campers.
  • It comes with several in-built features but every customer can add or take-away based on their own requirements.
  • This pickup camper truck is suitable for those who wish to customize without compromising on any amenities.
  • Prices start from $22,000.

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