5 RV Upgrades That Will Improve Your Vacation

RV Upgrades
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RV upgrades don’t end at the dealer. There’s a host of RV enhancements you can do today that’ll improve your family’s quality of life on the road. Trust us, some are worth doing for the added peace and quiet they give alone.

These Top 5 RV upgrades vary in difficulty and cost. Ranging from $20 to $300, depending on the tools and supplies you have access to. Check out our picks below:

5. Adding Headphones Compatibility

  • When you’re on the road for long periods of time (with kids), headphones can become your best friend.
  • You can either buy a BlueTooth TV or an adapter that’ll fit into the audio-out of a TV, a USB port of a TV, or RCA.
  • A TV will set you back $200-plus. An adapter can be picked up for $50 or less and must be plugged in. No DIY is needed.
  • This RV upgrade will transform not only the TV experience but improve your chances of peace and quiet. Win-win.

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4. Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner Dispenser

  • We all know that there’s little-to-no room in an RV bathroom. Therefore adding a few space-saving items can make a big difference.
  • One of the best RV upgrades, that belongs in every bathroom is a soap, shampoo, and conditioner dispenser.
  • It’s so simple, and by having your hygiene products fixed on a wall, available at the touch of a button, there’s less moving about, less mess, and less chance of accidental breakages.
  • Adding a dispenser is relatively easy, needing only basic tools and costing around $50 or less, depending on the style you’re seeking.

3. Adding a Bumper Mount

  • One of the best RV enhancements for an active family vacation is a bumper mount. That’s if you’re not towing a boat behind your RV.
  • Bumper mounts are perfect for storing kayaks, extra totes, and bikes.
  • This upgrade takes about two hours and depending on the model you’ve purchased, may require two people and a collection of general DIY tools to install.
  • A good bumper mount can hold up to 600-pounds of weight and can easily cost $100-$300, depending on the brand.

2. Pull Out Garbage Can

  • We’ve all experienced it, someone doesn’t do their chores and as you hit the road, trash goes everywhere.
  • You can stop this by fitting garbage cans with fixed lids.
  • You can get a 5-quartz garbage can, with a spring lid and cabinet brackets for less than $25.
  • They’re super simple to fit, and having them hidden on doors or under-counters saves space for more RV living.

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1. Counter Extensions

  • Our biggest pet peeve when it comes to an RV vacation is the lack of counter space.
  • You want family time but it’s not possible indoors at mealtime. Anything other than a sandwich is a nightmare from a logistical perspective inside an RV.
  • Amazingly, extending your counters is a possible RV upgrade. And all you need is a hinged countertop.
  • It only takes 30-minutes and you can get them from Amazon for $30-40. It’s surprising how much difference extra counter space makes in an RV.

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