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5 Foods Doctors Never Eat — and 7 They Always Do
Credit: Unsplash
We explore the foods doctors never eat, including agave, processed meats, and more. Plus, we dive into the foods they…
Truffle Lovers Gift Basket
Credit: MidJourney / Duane Beckett
Call them a truffle lover. Chances are, you know someone completely obsessed with this edible fungi. Here are some gifts…
clear skin
Credit: pixnio.com
Wondering how to get clear skin overnight? From spot treating products to surprising causes of blemishes, here dermatologists share their…
foods that fight bloat
If you’re like most people, you’re quite familiar with bloat on a first-person basis. Here are 20 foods that fight…
difference between tretinoin and retinol
The majority of skin conditions can be treated at home, but sometimes a skin concern requires treatment. Use this helpful…
foods that fight bloat
Herbal teas are loaded with antioxidants and have heaps of health benefits that can beat out a cup of coffee.…
Nutritionist Tips for Wasting Less Food
Credit: Taz / Wiki Commons
A top nutritionist gives 6 amazing tips for how you can waste less food and save money as prices skyrocket.…
How To Use A Facial Steamer At Home
Credit: pxhere.com
Is it worth adding a facial steamer to your skincare regimen? According to estheticians, yes it is. Find out why…
woman with lemon and face mask
To save you some time, effort, and cash, we asked dermatologists to share the skincare products that are a waste…
Is Organic Really Better?
Credit: pxhere.com
The term “organic” indicates that the food was made without the use of toxic or synthetic processes. But is organic…
Plant-Based Meats
(Credit: Ella Olsson / Wiki Commons)
Did you know that plant-based meat aren't always healthier than real meat? These are the biggest things to know about…
gifts for moms
When it comes to buying the perfect gifts for moms, it’s all about practicality. Give her the best-of-the-best in self…
Pregnancy Secret
Credit: Pixabay
Not only are you over-the-moon with excitement, but you’re probably dying to tell everyone. So, how do you keep your…
Is It Bad To Have A Type
Credit: Pixabay
When it comes to dating, is it bad to have a type? Experts agree that strict standards can hold you…
6 Signs That Show Your Date Is Super Into You
signs of a good date
Just because it can be hard to tell if your date is into you, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. These are…
2022 watch trends
Watches might have been initially created as a convenient way to tell time, but they’ve since evolved into a fashion
best clarifying shampoos
The best clarifying shampoos are specifically formulated to get rid of stubborn residue on hair, which regular shampoo often misses,…
best jeans for women
Whether you prefer a relaxed fit, trendy wide-leg, or super skinny fit, ahead are the jean brands and styles the…
best products for adult acne
Adobe, c/o
From deep cleansing face washes and exfoliators to spot treatments, here dermatologists share the best products for adult acne.
how to cure a hangover fast
From the supplements to take to the foods to eat to the activities that help, top experts share how to…
how to style wide-leg pants
When done correctly, the silhouette is extremely flattering, versatile, and comfortable. Here, stylist share their tips on how to style…
how to tell your husband you're pregnant
Looking for ideas on how to tell your husband you're pregnant? Allow these sweet stories from other moms to inspire…
emu oil benefits for skin, hair
From treating acne and psoriasis to hydrating, here are the top emu oil benefits for the skin, hair, and body.…
dermatologist advice for aging skin
Much of what we do directly affects our skin health, including our sleep habits, diet, stress levels, more. Follow this…