5 Swaps to Make Your Favorite Breakfast Healthier

Having a healthy breakfast is necessary to jump-start your metabolism, while giving you the fuel you need to function throughout the day. So why shouldn’t you take the time to make sure the most important meal of the day is also a nutritious one? Here are some simple breakfast swaps you can make to start your day right.

If cereal is your breakfast go to, try having oatmeal instead. Unlike cereal which is often full of processed carbs and sugar, oatmeal made with steel cut oats and a dash of cinnamon with fruit is a yummy alternative. Oatmeal is a great source of healthy carbs and fiber. Plus it’s rich in antioxidants. The cinnamon and fruit provide sweetness, and since oats take longer to digest than most cereals, you stay full longer. 

oatmeal with blueberries

Ditch your deli bagel with cream cheese in the morning, and swap for a whole-wheat english muffin with natural peanut-butter. The simple carbs from a big bagel do not provide nutritional substance. An english muffin has complex carbs that your body takes longer to breakdown. This keeps you full longer. A hearty english muffin combined with healthy fats and protein from peanut butter creates a balanced and delicious combo!

peanut butter

If the first thing you need in the morning is caffeine, don’t order that Venti mocha frappuccino. Make the switch to a medium iced vanilla latte with almond milk. Why waste almost 400 calories on a loaded sugar bomb. Generally any excess of sugar in the morning can lead to a crash in the afternoon, not to mention trigger major sweetness cravings. You are better off getting a coffee drink with a hint of sweetness and just enough caffeine to jump start the day. 

Coffee beans

Pancakes are an all time breakfast favorite, but many quick mixes have extra sugar, carbs, and hydrogenated oils. It’s time to ditch the mix and make these simple banana pancakes. All you need is 1 banana mashed up, 2 eggs, and a dash of cinnamon. Mix those 3 ingredients together and you have a delicious pancake substitute. The all natural sweetness of the bananas with a dose of protein from the eggs keep this meal healthy. Top these cakes with fresh berries to really treat yourself. 


Instead of heating up a pan and throwing on some oil or butter to make fried eggs, try hard-boiled eggs or experiment with poached eggs. Even better, toast a piece of whole wheat bread and add a little avocado for egg and avocado toast! Not only will you save calories by ditching the unnecessary saturated fats, you may find you like the taste even more! 

poached eggs on toast

Having a healthy breakfast can effect your overall health. By making a few simple changes to your daily routine you will set yourself up to make better choices throughout your day. 

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