Here’s Some Homework: Taste 3 Sauvignon Blancs From 3 Different Countries

Here's Some Homework: Taste 3 Sauvignon Blancs From 3 Different Countries

Happy Sauvignon Blanc Day…again. Truth is — we can’t figure out when the exact holiday is and quite frankly, we don’t care.  We’ll take any reason to drink more sauvignon blanc.

Especially because there is often so much citrus in a glass of sauvignon blanc that it really can replace of your morning grapefruit.

But the even cooler part about it is that if you pick three different countries, you’ll get three noticeably different wines.

So I went back to Gary’s Wine & Marketplace in Wayne, NJ, for a little experiment.

Founder and CEO Gary Fisch and his head of marketing Scott Sullivan picked three different sauvignon blancs from three different countries.

And it was so fun to taste the differences.  There was a big commonality though: Sauvignon Blanc is mostly grown near water, so it pairs beautifully with local fish.

So grab these three wines and taste along with us.

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Ara Pathway,Marlborough, New Zealand

Domaine des Cotes Blanches Sancerre, Loire Vally, France

Round Pond, Napa Valley, California

And if you’re not feeling like fish, grab some goat cheese. It’s a match made in heaven.

Cent’ Anni.

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