The Superbowl for Wine Lovers


The Wine Spectator New York Wine Experience is essentially the Super Bowl for wine lovers.

It’s a three-day wine extravaganza with 267 select wine makers from all over the world who come to pour their wines that were rated 90 or better on the Wine Spectator scale of 1-100.


This event, held October 22-24, 2015, at the Marriott Marquis in Manhattan, is slightly different though. To start, the only major injuries are the result over overconsumption.

But imagine a Super Bowl where the teams played free. They didn’t get salaries, big fat rings or trips to Disney World at the end.

Instead they did it all for charity.

I know, keep dreaming.

Well, maybe the wine world has imbibed a bit too much, but all of the proceeds from the New York Wine Experience go to the Wine Spectator Scholarship Foundation.

Read more about all this liquid goodness here.


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