What Is a Nanny Share and How Can It Help Your Family?

What Is A Nanny Share And How It Could Help Your Family?
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As parents know, childcare can be incredibly expensive. It’s such an important consideration for each family and a nanny share has become a common thing because it creates an intimate and trusting relationship between a few families. Essentially, a nanny share means two or more families split the price of one nanny and the nanny then cares for all the children together.

The program usually rotates between the houses that host the nanny share. The arrangement is devised based on what works best for the nanny and of course, the families involved.  We have gathered all the information you need to know about nanny sharing and more to help give you a better understanding of it.

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How Nanny Shares Can Help Your Family

Nanny shares can help your family because the price for a nanny on your own can be expensive. In fact, even taking your children to daycare can cost more than hiring a nanny. Using a nanny share allows you to split the cost of childcare with another family. Each family gets a private nanny, but they have more children to watch. This is great if you work from home or if you want to have a flexible childcare option.

What is a nanny share?

A nanny share is something families use to save money by using one nanny to watch two families’ children. It is very helpful when families don’t want to send their children to daycare or want to spend money on a nanny all on their own. Depending on certain circumstances, you split the cost of one nanny between two and sometimes even three families. 

How does a nanny share work?

The families will come to an agreement and employ the nanny either full-time or part-time depending on what they need. Then nanny will alternate between the two houses to care for the kids. This is great because the burden will not be put on one family to host each day. The families and the nanny will discuss a schedule that will work best for all parties involved.  

How to find a nanny share?

You can find a nanny share online via sites like care.com or nannylane.com. These sites will help you find someone who is the right fit for you.  You can easily search on google for nanny sharing near you, wherever your location may be. These sites can also help narrow down your search even more. All you would need to do is put in your zip code in the search bar, and it will come up with the best options in your area. Here are a few more options for locating a nanny share near you:

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How much do nanny shares cost?

How much do nanny shares cost?
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A nanny share can cost between twelve to twenty-six dollars per hour depending on where you live. It also depends on your needs and the family you are sharing the nanny with. As an example, the hourly rate for a shared nanny in San Francisco is twenty-four to twenty-six dollars an hour. That is split in half, costing each family twelve to thirteen dollars per hour. We suggest searching around before agreeing to a price. It is supposed to benefit everyone involved, so it is important that everyone agrees to the terms.

What are the factors that contribute to the cost of a nanny share?

Different factors can contribute to the cost of sharing a nanny. We have listed the factors below, so you have a better understanding. 

  • The total number of children determines the hourly cost
  • Benefits like sick time or paid vacation
  • If the nanny has extra skills or certifications
  • If you want your nanny to drive the children around, you must reimburse them for car travel
  • You will have to learn the rules of nanny taxes. You can use this nanny tax calculator to give you an estimate of payroll costs, nanny taxes, and possible tax breaks.

Are nanny shares legal?

Yes, nanny shares are legal. However, there are different state legislations that you will need to do research on, so you are aware of them. It is best to know the legislations your state has when it comes to nanny shares. This is best for everyone involved because the goal is to establish great care for your children, not doing anything that leads to illegal behavior or overworking.

Are nanny shares cheaper than other childcare options? 

It depends on where you live, but you can expect to pay at least two-thirds of what you would usually pay if you had your own nanny or sent the children to daycare. We advise looking into different sites that offer nanny sharing before settling on the first one you come across. This helps you find the right fit for your family and allows for cost comparison, which can keep your childcare affordable.

How many children can be in a nanny share? 

How many children are in nanny share? 
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The maximum number of children they advise is four per nanny, but it all depends on the nanny and how many children she can handle. If you are working with the resource sites we listed, they usually have a maximum number they want their nanny to watch. This is to ensure that the nanny can provide their best services and full attention to each child. You will also have the opportunity to discuss specifications with your nanny and the other families before you enter into an agreement.

Is a nanny share right for you? 

A nanny share is right for you if you want affordable childcare and don’t want to use a daycare or get your own personal nanny. You get the quality care you’re looking for at an affordable price. We suggest talking with another family who is doing nanny share before deciding. Facebook groups are a great place to do that so you can get more insight into the nanny sharing experience.

What is the downside to a nanny share? 

There are some downsides to using a nanny share that can be considered a disadvantage.  It’s always helpful to hear both sides, so you can make an informed decision that will suit your family.

  • Finding the right nanny share and setting it up can take great commitment. You will need to spend time and effort to set up the arrangement with the nanny and the other family. 
  • The schedule will only sometimes go according to plan and you will have to rely on the other family when plans change.
  • There can be a conflict in parenting styles when it comes to how you are raising your child.
  • You will have to host a few times a week depending on how frequently your nanny works with you.
  • There is no guaranteed replacement if your nanny falls ill or has an emergency.

What are the benefits for a nanny share? 

We believe there are five key benefits to nanny sharing:

  • You will be splitting the cost of the nanny with another family and only be paying half the amount. 
  • You are able to receive more personalized care for your children and can dictate how much screen time your child has or what kind of meals they eat.
  • Your child will not get sick as often because they will not be exposed as many germs as they would be at daycare. 
  • Your child still gets the socialization they need with other children. They can start to develop friendships and learn to build those social skills.
  • You can enjoy the flexibility and have strict policies on holidays, hours, sick days, naptime, etc. 

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The steps to finding a nanny share where you live

  1. Identify your family’s care needs and what you are looking for. Examples include whether you want a nanny part-time or full-time, which days of the week you need help, and what the hours will be. 
  2. Figure out your childcare budget and what you are willing to pay monthly. You must consider everything like if the nanny is doing house chores, preparing family meals, or driving the children around. 
  3. Search Google for nanny sharing in your area. We have listed different sites that can help narrow down the search. The two sites that are the most popular for nanny sharing are care.com and nannylane.com. We suggest trying these sites first.
  4. You will have to determine what the ideal partner family will look like. The nanny will be going back and forth between the two houses, so you need to know if all children can be around pets, or if they have any other special restrictions.
  5. Have a sit down with the nanny and the family you are sharing the nanny with. It is best to meet so you can make sure the children are comfortable with the nanny and the other kids they will be around during the week. 
  6. We advise having a lawyer write up a contract that explains the nanny sharing agreement. It would be best to have each family and the nanny create a list of what they seek. Then give those papers to the lawyer so they can officially write up a contract that will suit everyone. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, nanny sharing can be beneficial if you do not want to send your children to daycare or if you cannot afford a nanny on your own. There are steps to take in the beginning that might seem overwhelming, but it will all be worth it when you save money. We suggest taking your time to find the best family and nanny that will partner with you. Don’t be afraid to ask people online for advice or tips to understand nanny sharing better. It’s becoming more and more popular, so the information and services out there are only getting better.


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