What Are Cluster Lash Extensions? And Why You Should Avoid Them

Cluster Lash Extensions
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Cluster lash extensions are getting a bad rap, but the reasons are valid. When something starts to become a health hazard, we need to take notice.

Currently, cluster lash extensions are being sold as eyelash extensions worldwide. But they are not eyelash extensions, rather, they are fake eyelashes that are adhered to the lash line in an unhealthy way. 

You hear horror stories. A client shows up saying that they have had eyelash extensions applied but that they feel heavy. You can immediately tell that your client is not wearing eyelash extensions. Instead, they have been given cluster lash extensions that are applied in 30 minutes and told that they will last five weeks.

Well, guess what happens if you wear them for five weeks? You will lose every single one of your natural lashes.

When clients show up with cluster lash extensions, often they are in a significant amount of pain and need them removed immediately to avoid further damage. Eyelash artists report seeing a lot of bald eyelids because of this and feel they need to educate people on the dangers of cluster lash extensions. 

What are cluster lash extensions?

So what are cluster lash extensions? They are fake eyelashes that are knotted at the base. They are applied with glue on top of each other along the lash line.

Now, keep in mind that real eyelash extensions are applied to one single eyelash with surgical precision. Cluster lash extensions are more like gluing an entire false eyelash to your eyelid. This means that they do not shed with your natural lashes. 

The reason they cause so much damage is that they are so very heavy. They pull on the eyelashes, and overuse of them can lead to permanent hair loss of your eyelashes. Not only that but it is really important that your eyelashes be able to shed at the end of their growing cycle. This is because if they don’t, your eyes are now a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. Also, the adhesive used to apply cluster lashes blocks the hair follicles and can cause infections. 

Why are people still drawn to cluster lash extensions?

The answer is simple. They are cheap and lend a dramatic look to the overall eye. Even though people are being told they can wear them for up to 5 weeks, really even 1 week is two long. Think more along the lines of a few days. Also, clients believe their eyelashes are able to grow longer because they are not shedding as they should. This is bad and should be avoided at all costs. 

The long-term effects are that they can very well pull out your natural lashes, and sometimes this is not temporary. It can be permanent. Your eyelashes protect your eyes and taking care of them is very important.

The adhesive that is used is extremely toxic and bad for the eyes. Many clients have had allergic reactions to it. This leaves them with the opposite effect, and they have swollen, watery eyes. A lot of times after wearing cluster lashes for too long, your eyelash person will probably not give you new lash extensions until they have seen that your natural ones have recovered. 

The best thing you can do is to inspect the lashes that your technician is using. If you see that they are cluster lashes then get out of there and find someone else. If they try and deter you from looking, then just go ahead and leave. Take care of your eyelashes! They are important!

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