Banyan Tree Ringha

Top Remote Hotels in the World

With its snow-covered mountain peaks, pine forests and wild rivers, this Tibetan valley setting offers a dramatic escape. The hotel’s architecture and décor take their cues from Tibetan culture, with accommodations crafted from authentic local homes that have been painstakingly reassembled on the property and given a glamorous facelift. Along with regional hotpots and steamboats at Chang Sa Bar & Restaurant, foodie highlights include a horseback ride to a private gauze-draped dining room for a four-course meal overlooking the Shudugang River. Guests can also take excursions to see rare black-neck cranes in the upper Yangtze Gorge and the whitewater terraces at the foot of Haba Snow Mountain. Visit Gayot for more.

Dunton Hot Springs

Top Remote Hotels in the World

Fleeing the weight of modern life is possible in more ways than one at this ghost town-turned-rustic resort in a hidden alpine valley in the Colorado Rockies. The former mining enclave of Dunton, founded in 1885, is now home to hand-hewn log cabins built around a saloon and dance hall — many of the artfully revived accommodations are original to the town and include the old general store. Meals are included, and the daily-changing menu emphasizes organic, local ingredients. Hot mineral springs can be savored in the restored 19th-century bathhouse or under the stars at the source, and year-round activities include helicopter skiing, fly fishing, river rafting and tours of area archaeological sites. Visit Gayot for more on Dunton Hot Springs.

Fabriken Furillen

Top Remote Hotels in the World

Simple. Sophisticated. Secluded. On the rugged Furillen Peninsula of Gotland, Sweden’s largest island, this exquisite hotel redefines industrial chic. The design is not for travelers who desire frills, but rather those with a spirit of adventure. Eighteen guest rooms include accommodations in a former factory, the freestanding Weighmaster’s Suite and two remote Hermit Cabins. The house restaurant features indigenous ingredients, produce from the hotel’s nearby farm and eggs from the resident chickens. While staying here you can cozy up with a good book in front of your cast-iron fireplace, or borrow a bicycle to discover untamed forests and pebble beaches bathed in breathtaking Scandinavian light. More info here.

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Fogo Island Inn

Top Remote Hotels in the World

More than just a hotel, Fogo Island Inn is a trust with a federal mandate to contribute to the economic enrichment of the local community. The result: a marvel of modern geometric design that maintains traditions through partnerships with artists, designers, geologists, architects, fishermen and chefs. Located off Newfoundland’s northeast coast, this property has just 29 guest suites overlooking islets, rocks and shoals, and every textile and piece of furniture was locally made, offering subtle, elegant accents in the light-filled accommodations. On the menu at the restaurant, island produce such as caribou moss and pine mushrooms prevail. Those who want to discover the dramatic subarctic and marine surroundings can participate in nature and cultural encounters led by local hosts. More Info here.

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