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Top 5 Features of the Boost Mobile Family Plans

Boost mobile family plans
Boost mobile family plans

Boost Mobile family plans are a great choice for those who want flexibility in creating their mobile plan while staying within budget. They offer several packages and even allow you to build your own to make sure you find the perfect mobile plan that fits your family.

With so many mobile networks to compare, it can be hard to find the right one. Thankfully, Boost Mobile is one of the top providers and has several amazing features that encourages families to work with them. For those that want to learn more about Boost Mobile family plans, read more.

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Top Features of Boost Mobile Family Plans

boost mobile family plans

There are several reasons to switch to Boost Mobile for family plans, as they offer cheap plans with high quality services, helping families not stress over getting the full coverage that they need.

  • Some key features that emphasize their amazing quality are their Unlimited Talk & Text throughout their plans to make sure families can communicate without worrying over minutes.
  • Their Data Packages are generous, even for their basic family plans, so families can browse the internet, stream and play games worry free.
  • They also offer Mobile Hotspots with several different options for those that want to share their phone’s internet connection while on the go.
  • They have a growing Network that is constantly expanding to ensure that families from everywhere can have reliable and full coverage.
  • And their Add-Ons are a great way to make sure that each plan is customized and perfect for each family, providing ample flexibility.

For new customers who are interested in joining, they also make the process exceptionally easy. You can either keep your number or provide you with a new one, as well as offer several promotions like discounts, extra data or just deals on new mobile devices if you’re wanting to upgrade. They have a clear step-by-step process with minimal service interruptions to ensure that you’re back on track with service in now time.

Does Boost Mobile Require a Contract?

But what about contracts? One of the worst things that can happen these days is trying to find a service provider and ending up being stuck in a contract. Thankfully, Boost Mobile keeps things simple as they don’t tie anyone down with contracts.

You can change around your plan, or cancel it, at any time without the worry of penalties or hidden fees. Boost Mobile offers amazing packages while making sure they are providing customers with a great experience. Their emphasis on transparency helps families everywhere stay worry free.

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What Plans Does Boost Mobile Offer?

boost mobile family plan

With each line having its own plan, you can truly mix and match to fully customize what each family member will receive. These are the featured plans that Boost Mobile offers.

PlanPrice per MonthTalk & TextData
Unlimited – AutoPay Only$25/lineUnlimitedUnlimited
Unlimited Plus$60/lineUnlimitedUnlimited

These are the 12-month plans that Boost Mobile offers. These deals are discounted rates when you purchase for the whole year, letting you get a bigger value for your money.

PlanPriceTalk & TextData
1GB – 12 Months$8.33/month ($100 total)Unlimited1GB
5GB – 12 Months$14/month ($168 total)Unlimited5GB
15GB – 12 Months$20/month ($240 total)Unlimited15GB
Unlimited$25/month ($300 total)UnlimitedUnlimited

They also offer three-month plans for the 5GB ($15/month or $45 total) and the Unlimited ($30/month or $90 total) plans.

The ACP Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a program offered by Boost Mobile to help people stay connected, even if they’re struggling. This program offers discounted service plans and phones to make sure that everyone has a way to stay connected. Only one person is able to be qualified for this offer per household, but it still is a huge help for those that are in need.

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Is Boost Mobile Worth it?

Reviews gives Boost Mobile a rating of 4/5 stars and WhistleOut rates it 3.75/5 star, showing that customers have raved over the company.

Boost Mobile’s dedication to not only have an affordable and simple mobile service, but to provide families with ample options makes them a worthwhile provider. For those that want to customize your own plan without the worry over over-spending, this is a great choice. Compared to several other providers, Boost Mobile is a top choice.

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