New Mexico Tops Worst Drivers List: Where Does Your State Rank?

Worst Drivers In The USA
Credit: Daniel Boothe, U.S. Marine Corps / Wiki Commons

In 2021, law firm Friend, Levinson & Turner compiled each state’s DUI arrests, fatal collisions, uninsured drivers, and Google searches for terms like “how to get out of a ticket” to compile this 50-state list.

New Mexico ranked as the worst drivers overall in the United States, with 25 crash-related fatalities per capita, and roughly 20.8-percent uninsured drivers.

Tied for second-worst were Arkansas and Alabama. While Wyoming came in at #4, a state with one of the highest DUI arrest rates (683 per capita) and crash-related fatality rates in the country (31 per capita).

Missouri, Tennessee, and Alaska tied as the ninth worst in the rankings.

Overall, Southern states made up 50-percent of the worst-10 drivers, while Western states made up a third.

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The Worst Drivers By State

  1. New Mexico
  2. Arkansas (tie)
  3. Alabama (tie)
  4. Wyoming
  5. Montana
  6. Delaware
  7. Louisiana
  8. South Carolina
  9. Tennessee (tie)
  10. Missouri (tie)
  11. Alaska (tie)
  12. Mississippi
  13. West Virginia
  14. Rhode Island (tie)
  15. Florida (tie)
  16. Georgia
  17. Oklahoma
  18. Kentucky
  19. North Dakota
  20. Nevada
  21. Colorado
  22. Texas (tie)
  23. Arizona (tie)
  24. Kansas
  25. South Dakota (tie)
  26. Indiana (tie)
  27. Oregon (tie)
  28. Idaho (tie)
  29. Nebraska (tie)
  30. Hawaii (tie)
  31. California
  32. Michigan
  33. Wisconsin (tie)
  34. Washington (tie)
  35. New Hampshire
  36. Maryland
  37. Vermont
  38. Iowa
  39. Maine
  40. Utah (tie)
  41. Minnesota (tie)
  42. Ohio (tie)
  43. New Jersey (tie)
  44. North Carolina
  45. Virginia (tie)
  46. Illinois (tie)
  47. Connecticut (tie)
  48. Pennsylvania
  49. Massachusetts
  50. New York

Check out all the data at Friend, Levinson & Turner now.

According to the law firm’s rankings, New York had the second-lowest rate of fatal collisions (6 per capita) and one of the lowest figures for uninsured drivers (only 6.1 percent).

These numbers rank New York drivers as the best in the country.

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