The 6 Best Haircuts For Round Faces

best haircuts for round faces
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The tricky thing about choosing a flattering haircut is there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all cut. There are lots to take into consideration:

  • Hair type
  • Face shape
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your personal style
  • And your attitude.

Though that seems like a lot of boxes to check, you can simplify your decision by selecting a haircut that works best for your face shape and going from there.

When it comes to the best haircuts for round faces, there is a range of styles to pick from. “Women with rounder faces should choose a style that adds dimension and appears to lengthen the face to flatter their natural features,” says Nunzio Saviano, founder of Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York City.

These are the best six haircuts for round faces, plus what to tell your stylist to ensure you get the cut you want.

1. Shaggy Cut

“I am a big fan of the shag in its many forms,” Saviano says. “This is a style that gives classic layering and perfectly complements a round face shape. A medium-length, shaggy hairstyle with longer side bangs (that hit at the cheekbone) is the perfect cut. It will offer volume at the crown and height on top to balance out facial features for a more elongated look.” To make sure you and your stylist are on the same page, ask for collarbone length with frame-facing layers starting at the cheekbones and crown layers about four inches in length. 

2. Short Wavy Shag

There’s more than one way to do a shag, especially when it comes to flattering round faces. “Wavy hair can tend to make a round face look even rounder if there is too much volume and it is all one length,” Saviano says. “A shag with lots of layers is a great look for wavy hair because it adds angular layers that make the face appear more oval. It also removes the weight and bulk at the bottom with well-cut layers for a flattering, polished style.” Tell your stylist you’re looking for mid-neck length with super short bangs—like curtain bangs and face-framing—and super short crown layers about two inches in length. 

3. Deep Side Part

You don’t need a major chop to get a style that works for you. “This is so easy to change up the look and appearance of the hair and face,” Saviano says. “A deep side part takes away from the symmetry that accentuates a round face shape. It adds volume and imbalance that de-emphasizes a round face shape without a big style change or radical cut.” Ask your stylist to cut the bangs at an angle: The shortest side should be below the eye and the longest to the cheekbones.

3. Curtain Bangs

“Bangs are an easy way to disrupt a round face shape,” Saviano says. “Adding different lengths and angles instantly softens a rounder face shape. Bangs of any length work well to achieve this look — curtain bangs, side swept or fuller fringe like Dakota Johnson and Billie Eilish.” Advise your stylist to give you bangs that are shorter in the middle and longer on the sides in an upside-down V shape. 

4. Classic Bob

Celebs always know how to work their angles, and a number of A-listers prove why the classic bob is one of the best haircuts for round faces. “Charlize Theron’s bob, for example, works so well with her round face shape, whether it’s curly or straight,” Saviano says. “She stays in her lane and looks classic and modern all the time. She looks great with loose waves that add dimension and movement to help break up a rounder face shape.” Ask for a bob that can be styled straight or messy by adding shorter, more tousled pieces toward the front to add dimension.

5. Pixie Cut

The pixie is one of the best haircuts for round faces; however, it can be intimidating. “This is a bold and confident look; you need to have sass to pull this off,” Saviano says. “It works to add edge and can be super sleek and fashionable too. A pixie will help to ‘lift’ features with wispy pieces.” Tell your stylist you’re looking for an ear-length pixie with graduating layers and a soft side fringe, which works well on all textures, from stick-straight to curly.

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