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best self-care gifts for women
We’ve curated a thoughtful collection of self-care gifts for her—from indulgent beauty buys to cozy loungewear and subscription services.
Cycle Of Reactive Abuse
Reactive abuse is what happens when a victim retaliates after gaslighting, manipulation, and other types of controlling behavior. Find out more now.
Ditch the Unrealistic Resolutions for These 8 Healthy Habits Instead
When you concentrate on being healthy and happy, you’ll be a lot more motivated. Here are eight healthy habits to try out and make that happen.
Stress Tracking
What is stress tracking and how do new devices help you monitor stress levels? We ask an expert to explain. find out more now.
If you know someone who hoards, or if you have started hoarding yourself, check out this post to see how it might be impacting friends and family.
top hobbies
If your day-to-day life creates stress and anxiety, consider one of these stress-relieving hobbies, including hiking, crafts, gardening, and more.
Wellness Trends
From outdoor activity to seeking therapy and making time to connect with people, experts discuss the wellness trends to keep post lockdown.
Body Insecurity
Try these tips to overcome body insecurity, and remember to be patient with yourself—truly believing all bodies are beautiful takes time.
Understanding Self-Sabotage
Could it be possible that you are standing in your own way? This is referred to as self-sabotage, and many of us are guilty of it without knowing it.
Birthday Depression
For some people, birthdays are a source of ambivalence, anxiety, and/or sadness. This is known as birthday depression. Find out more now.
Wellness vacation
Wellness vacations help you reset with mindfulness, fitness, and spa services, while cultivating healthier practices you can bring back with you.